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  1. G'day all, I have for Reach set up a number of expenses both fixed and recurring for every flight based upon calculations for each flight and some research. Whilst these work fine during the month, at the end of the month and into the new one all the accumulated expenses are lost and the report just reads as zero. Could this perhaps be an issue with how the expenses are stored? It used to work some time ago but I cannot remember when it stopped working nor what changed to cause it.
  2. G'day all, Been a while since I've posted here last. I'm still working through the backlog of texture commissions so I'll be on and off here but they will be done. Anyway, I made this short 1min TV-commercial style vid to complement "Shine" which came out before Reach was launched last year. Since then many things have changed and I decided that the launch of a new fleet type would work well to mention some of these changes. These include a custom ACARS system, custom website, a dedicated staff team and also highlight some of our key goals. Keep in mind that although Reach has been flying only since last September, it has been a long term project and I continue to work on making it one of the best VAs that I can, drawing upon my own experiences. During 2014 I am working towards fully implementing the long-awaited charter generation and selection system, frequent flyer rewards and the such. I am also currently talking with developers and publishers such as Aerosoft, Captainsim and FS2crew to be amongst those sponsors for the rewards program and building a pool of funds for rewards for challenges. These are of course long term goals but are nonetheless things that are possible down the line given enough time, resources and public interest. Let me know what you think about the video. I am still new to making FS vids and any ideas for future vids including a proper trailer style thing are greatly appreciated. Reach Airways can be found at www.reachva.com Regards, Adem
  3. Hey all, Sorry for the late reply, I've been very busy with the late stages of developing a game prototype and teaching myself the specifics of character rigging and animation so I've not had a chance to get too much done with textures. @Mike ah yes I remember your contact, I did do some concepting of some livery ideas but nothing I was really happy with. Your idea looks pretty good though, I like the second version the most, looks more modern. I'd move the fuselage titles a fraction further aft and/or make them larger to balance out the tail but that's just my thoughts.
  4. Which models are you talking about here? Freeware, payware, both?
  5. Hey, I had similar thoughts myself when I was looking to find a role for the then under development but unnamed Reach Airways. I had similar thoughts in that I was not interested in a mega VA flying everything in existence but rather limiting the fleet to a handful of types suited to each role. A low cost airline on its on in the VA sense does not have anything different to a full service airline. You're still flying to a schedule on routes in an aircraft type, only perhaps with a more limited fleet. I have always been interested in exploring new destinations off the usual beaten track and Reach as such was established with the idea of being a low cost holiday and charter airline focusing predominantly on unusual destinations with a handful of trunk routes to sate those who prefer them. To this aim we have only three types; a regional, a narrow body and a widebody to serve our needs. Whilst our charter system is still not yet ready, the aim remains to keep that element of exploration going in sim. Whatever you choose to do, be sure that is something you enjoy rather than doing something you were told to do. Also ensure that you spend enough time developing your airline before you announce it to the community. Reach has been in development since September 2011 and whilst it started flying a year later, we are still not at a level where I feel its worth announcing the VA to the main sites until we have our full experience ready. One final note, it does well to grow your VA realistically. Establish early on a ratio for aircraft to active pilots and use timed schedules to make your operations more accurate. We have 52 schedules though many are frequencies to common destinations and only 8 aircraft. Airlines that start out with two pilots, 100s of aircraft and thousands of routes really detract many from my experience as you will end up with very limited use of that overwhelming number of options. Instead let your VA grow with your pilots, its much more rewarding (and realistic) in the long term. Best of luck with your VA though, I like the livery.
  6. Thanks. The tupolev is one of my favourite aircraft though I have never had the chance to see one for real. Then again I like trijets in general. Also a note for everyone, I have put up on the original post a rough price guide for my services. I feel that some may be a bit low given the time it can take to produce some textures and the fact that I rely on these commissions alone for income to cover expenses. What are your thoughts? I have also taken the time to write up Terms and Conditions covering my practices. Please ensure that you have read these before contacting about a texture.
  7. This one took me a while to do, mostly as the paintkit was all in Russian that I cannot read and the textures had no clear definition for overlapping areas or borders however it did eventually get done. This is the Project Tupolev Tu-154B-2 model for FSX that is an excellent aircraft despite the texture issues I had.
  8. Hey, Sorry for the late reply, been busy. Yes I can do repaints for those aircraft, the price depends on the complexity of the skin and what resources you have available already (ie logos, fonts, titles, preferably all as .psds ).
  9. Looks very smart so far I have to say, I'm loving the simplistic styling. The buttons remind me somewhat of the Windows 8 scheme, intentional or accidental? Either way I like it.
  10. G'day all, In the last few weeks, Reach Airways has transitioned to a new, custom created website which adds not only a new look but new features such as a full events system, two-click flight bidding, multi-layered and enhanced feature crew centre and much more besides. Information on the site itself is now more readily available with airline monthly statistics, detailed fleet stats, etc also available for viewing. Our forums have also been reskinned to better match our new website and whilst forum accounts as yet are not linked to website accounts, we are working towards linking the two together to provide a seamless transition for pilots. Reach Airways Virtual is a small airline simulating the operations of a charter and low cost scheduled holiday airline flying to the major tourist destinations of Australia and Oceania as well as destinations that not every VA flies to. Our fleet consists solely of the 737 and ATR family aircraft and whilst we encourage a casual, relaxed approach to our flying (after all flight sim is a hobby, not a job), we strive to keep our expansion realistic unlike many other airlines that have big ambitions well beyond their means. We also have Facebook and twitter accounts linked to our website with a YouTube channel for user-submitted videos soon to also be linked. If you're interested, check us out at; www.reachva.com
  11. The vacancies section yeah. I understand why you chose to use green, however a darker shade may make it easier to read. The original links on the reach website were a light green but they were hard to read so I darkened them. Easy enough to do and the end result looks much better too.
  12. Agreed with the above, the sidebar needs some kind of framing border around its sections otherwise they blend in too much with the background.light green on Gray is also not a good choice colour wise for fonts.
  13. I'm always free to discuss even though we already did a bit.
  14. Hey, It is a news post so all you have to do is edit/delete it and replace it with your own. Also, though this is off topic, you should probably have posted this in the support forum for phpvms as I was under the impression you were asking to edit a VAcentral page.
  15. Got some time now to get back to this. If anyone is still interested, feel free to contact me. Wait time may be a bit longer than I'd prefer due to nearing the end of university semester however they will get done as soon as I am able to complete them.
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