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  1. Hello averyone, Need help again: I have installed SimBrief/Baggelis mod in PHPvms but it doesn't appear anywhere in PHPvms pages. Is there anything alse to do in order to activate this option in PHPvms ?? Thanks for your help. Alex
  2. Well, nobody reported any malfunction from the system. It seems that register function is ok. At least on my side...
  3. Yes, one of my member installed PHPvms and then customized the language to have it in french. I know that he just replaced english words by french one only. Is it due maybe because of the version of PHPvms that is little bit old??
  4. Ok, then there is absolutely no layout file of any kind in those folder...
  5. I have a layout.php located in /phpvms/admin/lib/layout is it this one??
  6. Hi guys, Thanks for your help. Unfortunately there is no "layout.tpl" file in the skin folder (or anywhere else). I have indeed the crystal folder but not this file. I have also the folder containing my VA's skins (folder called "AirInter") but no layout.tpl either. Any idea ?
  7. Hello, I am trying to install SimBrief module from Baggelis mod. On install instruction: 5. Add this line before </head> tag in layout.tpl <script type="text/javascript" src="<?php echo fileurl('lib/js/simbrief.apiv1.js');?>"></script> The problem is that I don't find the "layout.tpl" file in PhpVms neither in SimBrief file. I've search in all folders without any result. Could someone be kind to tell me where is this file?? Thanks a lot for your help. Alex
  8. Hello y'all, My DB is hosted by a very nice and generous member as my provider does not support InnoDB. I would like to try to have it hosted by my provider and he gave me some info as how to do it. The requirement for PHPVMS to work is: PHP 5.2+ MySQL 4.1+ with InnoDB support All is ok for my provider except the InnoDB support but he told me that it is possible to have the InnoDB converted in something called Myisam. He said also that everything should work just fine after the conversion. My questions are: - Is it true that the DB can be converted in this format? - Is it true that P
  9. No answer yet so I am taking the opportunity to ask another question: Is it possible to make a different timetable for each company as for the fleet instead of having only one timetable for all subsidiary? If yes, how? Thanks, Alex
  10. Hello everyone, I think I have the same kind of question: I have one main VA with 2 subdivisions within 1 PHPVMS system. I would like to have a particular fleet for each airline. At this time all 3 airline are sharing exactly the same fleet and we cannot make the difference between which airplane belong to which company. Is there a way to assign each particular airplane to one particular company instead of the actual sharing? Sincerely, Alex
  11. Hello Nabeel, Thanks for the quick reply. Actually I don't think it is a bug, it's just me I think that is not setting the expenses the proper way. That is way I wanted to hear other people settings to compare and make the proper correction. I just didn't know where to put this post sorry. Feel free to move it to another place if you need it. Thanks, Alex
  12. Hello, I am not sure that I am posting this new thread on the right place. It's been almost a year now that I am using PhpVms and I am quite happy with this system. The only problem is that I have a hard time to setup an accurate and realistic as possible finances. Here is what I did: Catering: €2376 Per Flight Flight Crew (virtual) Salary: €642.95 Per Flight Ground Crew salary: €243.6 Per Flight Insurances: 9% Percent (per flight) Airplane leasing: 12% Percent (per flight) Location bureaux: 7% Percent (per flight) Eurocontrol taxes: 2% Percent (per flig
  13. Hello Nabeel, Any possibilities to add "per hour of flight" and "per passenger" in the expenses option when setting up an expense in the next version?? Would be useful for exemple: meal (per pax), aircraft maintenance (per hour), etc... Thanks, Alex
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