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  1. Hello everyone, I come today because I am looking for a theme or skin for phpvms admin panel that I could change, I inform I have version 5.5.2 I thank you in advance Cordailement Jonathan Wargny
  2. Hello everyone, I want to know if there is a way to have phpvms in French and English without translation google not. Thank you
  3. Jonathan


    hello is it possible to have a new link to download this theme, thank you
  4. hello I have this message that appears on the registration page: Warning: file_exists (): File name is than the maximum allowed along path length cet platform (4096): /var/www/vhosts/jonathan60800.fr/httpdocs/phpvms//lib/skins/Arctic/ page link: http://jonathan60800.fr/phpvms/index.php/registration
  5. Jonathan


    the link is dead you could change it to download the skin
  6. hello, I have a question, How to display the status of the driver in the Pilotadmin.php page line 365 without jumped the site. My status: Active/ Inactive / Suspend / On leave code $ status = ($ row-> retired == 0)? 'Active', 'Inactive'; I thank you for you help.
  7. Jonathan


    Bonjour Merci de la réponse
  8. Jonathan


    Hello I come to an error that is on my website, here is the message: Fatal error: Class 'StatsData' not found in /home/smartbirqc/www/core/modules/Frontpage/Frontpage.php on line 25 Here is the code of the page: class Frontpage extends CodonModule { public $title = 'Welcome'; public function index() { $this->set('usersonline', StatsData::UsersOnline()); $this->set('guestsonline', StatsData::GuestsOnline()); $this->render('frontpage_main.tpl'); } } Link site web : http://smartbirdva.fr/index.php/
  9. Hello I just installed this word that I find nice I want to know it can block access to the visited only the registered member of the site will be able to access the forum mod
  10. Jonathan


    Hello I come to you because I just aujour'hui download ocean_blue themes and page Register I have this problem or images below. Message : Warning: file_exists(): File name is longer than the maximum allowed path length on this platform (4096): /var/www/vhosts/simuaero.fr/httpdocs//lib/skins/ocean_blue/ Locat in /var/www/vhosts/simuaero.fr/httpdocs/core/classes/TemplateSet.class.php on line 96
  11. Hello thank you for your work on these models but the fool or the link to download the instaler because I want them on my site. Sincerely Jonathan Wargny
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