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  1. Hello guys, i'm looking for someone were is able to migrate all the data from our existing Kunena forum (installed on our joomla website) to the new forum that we installed for PHPVMS. At the same time, we want a bridge between PHPVMS and PHPBB in order to allow already logon pilots to browse and use the forum without creating another specific account for that and avoid double authentication (first into the VA second into the forum). Hope you understand my point, if not do not hesitate to ask me. Advance thanks for your help. Regards
  2. Hi Guys, I'm looking for the same thing, actualy we are working on the migration of our website based on joomla with Kunena forum to Phpvms with Vanilla Forum. can you anyone help me or give me some tricks to : - avoid my pilots to create/login again to the vanilla forum ? How to install and user the bridge because the link is not updated thing so. - migrate kunena discussion to Vanilla forum ? Thank you for your help. Regards,
  3. Hello all, I'm searching for an talented guy who will be able to create a full editable skin for our future website in PhpVMS. Also, we have some modules from CrazyCreative.com to implement and integrate into the skin. As far as possible, we want to have the full control of the content in backend like a joomla or wordpress template. We already created some PSD Mockup of what we expect on the design for the public page and the crew center. If you have better idea you can also propose us yours. Then we have already PHPVMS deployed and ready to use with all modules inst
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