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  1. Hackers didn't make big problem for us. Just deface homepage. All data is ok. On my site, they write text message that my site is not secure, and That I need do something about security. Thanks @simpilot and @Nabeel for quick respond and fix.
  2. Yes, I can confirm. I also updated schedules as .cvs because many our flights had same FlightID. It woks.
  3. Your all modules are great..thanks
  4. crnjola


    How this great addon make public to view? On my site only register memeber can see stats. So, What I have to do? Thanks
  5. crnjola


    Thank you so much
  6. Thank you ALL for new code. I am going to try, thanks again.
  7. @ EmiratesVA I also want options with Select Airline, first. Hi.. How you add code for Airline Choose? Can you put that code here, please? Thanks Question? After You choose airline does options select aircraft select's only aircraft wich are belong to selected airline?
  8. [sLOVED] i put this code in schedule_results.tpl $route->daysofweek = str_replace('7', '0', $route->daysofweek); if(strpos($route->daysofweek, date('w')) === false) continue;
  9. Thanks parkho for great plugin. So, If possible to find flight plan with day of week filter? When I used your addon, it shows all flight. The addon does not look day of week (S M W T F Sa S). Is possible to add day of week as filter? Thanks.
  10. The same problem.... You have 2492 PIREPS waiting for export to vaCentral. Click here to send them
  11. When We used old xacars all flight show correct in VA Central Live map. When We used kAcars free all our flight show on our local live map, but not show on VA Central Live map. Any ideas?
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