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  1. I am setting up a new Virtual Group and need some dedicated flight simmers to help me! TUI Virtual Group will give pilots the choice between 7 different airlines in 1 group, each with it's own pilot centre and management. ✈️ Initially, I need two members to join the team so that we can scope out a full plan and get working on the VG. ✈️ If you're interested and want to apply, you can do so here! LINK: http://www.tuivirtualgroup.com/vacancies/ ✈️ If you want more info, feel free to message me Best Regards Abe Allen - TUI Virtual Group CEO www.tuivirtualgroup.com
  2. Hey Guys, I'm looking to be a Marketing Director for a Virtual Airline (for free of course). More so working on Graphic Design work. I can help with Social Media and some website work also. Please contact me if you'd like to know more about what I can offer. https://ibb.co/e8nZ1G
  3. CALLING ALL FIGHT ENTHUSIASTS... TUI Virtual Group has hopes to become a new VA however, this is impossible without a management team. As Chairman of TVG, I am delighted to announce We are searching for dedicated flight sim enthusiasts who would like to join the management team of an upcoming VA “TUI Virtual Group”. We are looking initially for 5 main roles. · Chief Executive Officer · Chief Operations Officer · Director of Operations · Fleet Coordinator · Routes Manager Job Descriptions are attached. For more information, please email aallen@tuivirtualgroup.com We look forward to welcoming you to the team! Best Regards Abe Allen - TUI Virtual Group Chairman www.tuivirtualgroup.com **UPDATE - WE HAVE RECRUITED THE FOLLOWING ROLES** Chief Executive Officer Chief Operations Officer.pdf Director of Operations.pdf Fleet Coordinator.pdf Route Manager.pdf TEAM.pdf Positions.pdf
  4. Hi All, I'd like to invite you all to join a Brand New Virtual Airline 'JetGo' The JetGo Vision JetGo has a dream like all Virtual Airlines - 'To Become the best'. How will we deliver the best experience to our pilots though Firstly, we are committed to serving you flights in at least 10 countries per continent. We already Fly to Europe, North America, Caribbean islands, Africa (South) and of course the United Kingdom! There are many more countries that we would like to offer you infact, from now until June, 30 new routes will be made PER WEEK! Currently, JetGo has 3 hubs; EGKK (London Gatwick), EGSS (London Stansted) and TVSV (E.T Joshua Airport). We Have plans to add 6 new hubs by 14/04/16. These hubs will be in Germany, North America, South America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. JetGo would like to connect you to destinations all over the world using many different types of Aircraft hopefully to your liking! Dash 8 Q400 Domestic and Short Haul Routes Airbus 321-200 Short Haul Routes Boeing 737 – 800 Short and Medium Haul Routes Airbus 330-300 Medium and Long Haul Routes Boeing 787-8 Medium and Long Haul Routes Fleet to be added by 14/04/16 Airbus 350-800 Long Haul Routes Boeing 777 – 200 Long Haul Routes Boeing 747 – 800 Long Haul Routes There is so much more in the JetGo Plan but, we can’t do it without you. We ask pilots from across to globe to join us in our journey and fly for JetGo! **SNEAK PEAK** OUR SUMMER PLAN (Starting 20/06/16) Includes SmartCARS Tracker! In Closing I’d like to advertise 2 Staff Positions that are available at JetGo. 1 Senior Staff Position and 1 Junior. Chief Operating Officer – Requires Application And Director of PIREP Operations. – Does not Require Application The Positions can be found at www.jetgo.xyz/index.php/pages/vacancies/ With Regards Abe Allen ​Chief Executive Officer | www.st-v.xyz or www.jetgo.xyz | ceo@jetgo.xyz | Like us on Facebook Heirarchy.pdf
  5. Hello, Please look at my site st-v.xyz the template doesnt work. i haven't touvhed it just uploaded as that. Please help! With Regards JetGo CEO
  6. How do you edit this skin - I am a newbie. If anyone could help me btw, that would be great because there aren't any tutorials around here
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