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  1. [OFFICIAL] phpVMS Alpha Release

    Can I use smartCARS with this?
  2. [SKIN][Free] iCrew LITE skin 2018 designed for phpVMS

    Sure I'm willing, But the thing is that no where did it ever say move everything over to the core folder of phpvms, can you help me, becuase It is saying that I have no doc. or crewLITE installer found! But it does find phpvms and subdomain.
  3. [SKIN][Free] iCrew LITE skin 2018 designed for phpVMS

    Um, It is the lack of explaining in the SO SIMPLE Directions!
  4. [SKIN][Free] iCrew LITE skin 2018 designed for phpVMS

    Okay, so what is happening to everyone, is that we follow your "so simple directions" but we keep getting iCrewLITE Installer not found, or if you just extract the skin to the lib/skins folder, only the modules that you told us to get show, for example, when you click on dashboard it just says news in HTML, or when you click dashboard, it just takes you to this blank webpage the says your name, and active time...But, no one can try another way, as the installer is broken, it will not pick up all the installation files in the MAIN PHPVMS, like the directions said...
  5. login redirect

    No I am not on a free host. Yes I have had it working before. PhpVMS 5.5X, I have tried all of that!!
  6. login redirect

    Here is what the file says, line 135 redirects to the index page, I have tried on other devices, but to no avil.
  7. login redirect

    I am having an issue, when I try to login, it will redirect me to the login page and it will just keep doing it, but it does not say I am entering anything wrong. I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling, but to no avail. Please help if you have any idea what is going on.
  8. Subdomain redirecting

    Thank you guys, I fixed it!!!!!
  9. Subdomain redirecting

    Hi, I have an issue when you login to the crew center, on a subdomain, it redirects you to the main page, run by wordpress.... ANY IDEAS ON THIS ISSUE!!!!
  10. Unable to Import airports

    I am unable to import airports and it tells me that there is a error on line 1 cannot import. Please help, Thank you, Jonah