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  1. Hi 'Flightguy123', can you check your pm-box please???
  2. Yep, thanks Tom & Joeri, solved the problem indeed along cPanel. It was too long ago that I used cPanel and I don't remember it how I get access to that great tool. I found the way back to that tool by an old txt-file with data from you Joeri. A great THANKS for the support, the hint to the sollution!!! The only problem I have further is that it in no way will forward the mail to a 'hotmail.com'-mailaddress, the mails don't arrive in that 'hotmail.com'-boxes, but are well available in the mailbox that is available by cPanel. This is the error-note: host mx3.hotmail.com []: 5
  3. Hi, thanks for the info, I will try this asap. Kind Regards, Timo
  4. Hi, where can I find the location of the stored mail-addresses of all the pilots, inclusive my mail-address? I mean not on the website/admincenter, but on the PHPVMS-system/files that is accessible with FileZilla. I as ceo&admin of my va have no longer the possibility to log in and/or request a new password to login. The system will no longer send a new password to my mail-address because the same mail-address is in use by another (test)-members. Probably will made this double placed mail-address an error that prevents that nobody of this two members, me and my test-member can receive a ne
  5. Are there really no alternatives?
  6. 'OST Air VA' 'OST Air Virtual Airlines' is founded and operated by Timo De Deyne and Nick De Rammelaere. It is a virtual airline for all the 'Ostend Airport'-lovers and other pilots who are interested in routes to and from Ostend Airport (Belgium/Europe). 'OST Air Virtual Airlines' is a organizer of subcontracting-flights with regular airlines, aswell on the future will be a own fleet come active. The operations of 'OST Air' are mainly based on real live operations to and from real 'Ostend Airport'. This virtual airline is active by MS-Flightsimulator and flyable on oa Onlinesim. On this mome
  7. OST Air Virtual Airlines http://www.ostairva.be/ CityBird Virtual Airlines http://www.citybirdva.be/ (Updated/New CEO) CargoB Virtual Airlines http://cargo.accessvaalliance.eu/ (Updated/New CEO)
  8. I have also a pilot/route-manager that inform me repeatedly about lost/invisible schedules with no direct reason.
  9. Hey, thx for the help with that proggie and advice. Now perfect connection by that extra programm. It is possibly my router or FSX that this blocks. See you soon there on the air, thx. Timo
  10. Sorry, but I have no luck, it would not work for me. Is this through the way of 'Internet(Gamespy)' or 'Local network (LAN)' and what are the further steps. Is it possible to explain it step by step with possibly any pictures, a kind of tutorial. It would probably help many of us to find the way to this great opportunity. Thanks in advance
  11. Good idea, our Alliance include also three va's, it would be very helpful for us. Grtz & thx Timo
  12. Is your url correctly completed? I also thought the '403' to have, I had insert the wrong url. Now I have insert the correct URL and it was resolved. Grtz & Succes. Timo .
  13. I now, it's not always easy but I think the intention is to made self the airplane with the right files you wanted. There are different types of engines, pax, freight, converted to freight and combi-versions available so everyone can choose for themselves which version he just wants. As I said, not easy but much better results. Sometimes you can also find full-packages at Flightsim.com or AVSIM and to be update by yourself with the optional files (mdl's) to made your own wanted type or version. Some knowledge of this can be handy of course, but I'm not a prof in this, I always find it yourself
  14. -Boeing, CRJ and ERJ-serie and more. I paint for the moment a B747-400F for CargoB, then a B747-200F, by POSKY is both available, for fs9 and fsx. Both work for me after some puzzling with available files from the site special for fs9 and fsx separately. I thought an excellent alternative for payware. http://www.projectopensky.com/ -Airbus-serie. Amazing project from the freeware Airbus-serie, A318, A319 and A320 but regrettable no A321. There is a amazing project under construction of the A380 there. http://www.pairbus.com/ -Also a ATR-project with also other planes and extras. http://www
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