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  1. I have recently started php logging in order to troubleshoot another issue I am having. In the php log, it shows the following over and over: Here is the code for that section: Any ideas? Regards, Nat
  2. vStatsCenter

  3. vStatsCenter

    Keep getting the following error: Deprecated: Non-static method VAStatsData::monthly_flight_stats() should not be called statically, assuming $this from incompatible context in phpvms\core\modules\vStatsCenter\vStatsCenter.php on line 36
  4. Hubs page module

    Copy that. Thanks!
  5. Hubs page module

    This worked for me.
  6. Hubs page module

    Will apologize upfront, however this is rather confusing. Is this code specifically for use with the Hub Module or is this referencing somewhere else? Regards, Nat
  7. Download Script Help

    That was the ticket. Thanks!
  8. Download Script Help

    Hi folks, If anyone could lend help with this, I would appreciate it. Per this post, I was able to modify the download_list.php file get the image added. What I am trying to figure out now is how to make a link out of the IMG tag so that if a person clicks on the reduced size picture (reduced due to the width attribute), they would be able to see the original full size picture (in a separate window of course). <li style="overflow:hidden;"> <a href="<?php echo url('/downloads/dl/'.$download->id);?>"> <?php echo $download->name?></a><br /> <img src="<?php echo $download->image?>" style="width:150px; vertical-align:middle;" /><br /> <?php echo $download->description?><br /> <em>Downloaded <?php echo $download->hits? times</em></li><br /> Regards, Nat
  9. Automatic Forum account creation

    I realize this is a very old thread. I am wondering does anyone have any recent examples of integrations they have done with phpVMS and phpBB? Is the information that Nabeel provided in this thread still valid today? Is thre any type of security issue as it relates to the "connect statement" as mentioned in a couple of responses? Regards, Nat
  10. Fleet View Page Question

    Sorry it took so long to test. Everything works well. So to clarify the two updates per Servetas' code above makes updates to the profile.php and PIREPData.class.php files. Thank you both again for all of your help!
  11. Fleet View Page Question

    Will test and see result
  12. Fleet View Page Question

    When I roll back to the original code prior to Servetas' fix, all is ok. So to make sure I understand, do you want me to put his code back in along with your update, or just your update with original code?
  13. Fleet View Page Question

    I spoke to soon, Another Issue: TOR114 CYYT KCVG 9 () 04.29 12/31/1969 Notice the 9 () and the date. The 9() is replacing all aircraft under the Aircraft field and the Submitted for all aircraft is showing the 12/31/1969. Something in the new code? Regards, Nat
  14. Fleet View Page Question

    The new code by Servetas worked perfectly! My sincere thanks to both of you for taking the time to look at this. I also learned some new stuff too! Regards, Nat
  15. Fleet View Page Question

    Thank you so very much! The schedules limit code change worked as advertised. Unfortunately, I am still having problems with the pirep item. Under the Profile.php, I find this statement: $this->set('allfields', PilotData::getFieldData($pilotid, false)); $pirep_list = PIREPData::getAllReportsForPilot($pilotid); $this->set('pireps', $pirep_list); $this->set('pirep_list', $pirep_list); So when I replaced: $pirep_list = PIREPData::getAllReportsForPilot($pilotid); With what you had above: $this->set('pireps', PIREPData::getLastReports($pilotid, 10)); I get "no reports to be found". I know that can't be correct because this particular pilot flies at least 3-5 small flights a day. I then changed the code back to the original line. Below is the original code for that section and I am using the phpvms 5.5.2: public function view($pilotid='') { #replacement for OFC charts - Google Charts API - simpilot $this->set('chart_url', ChartsData::build_pireptable($pilotid, 30)); #end $pilotid = PilotData::parsePilotID($pilotid); $pilot = PilotData::getPilotData($pilotid); $this->title = 'Profile of '.$pilot->firstname.' '.$pilot->lastname; $this->set('userinfo', $pilot); $this->set('pilot', $pilot); $this->set('allfields', PilotData::getFieldData($pilotid, false)); $pirep_list = PIREPData::getAllReportsForPilot($pilotid); $this->set('pireps', $pirep_list); $this->set('pirep_list', $pirep_list); $this->set('pireps', PIREPData::GetLastReports(Auth::$userinfo->pilotid, '10')); $this->set('pilotcode', PilotData::getPilotCode($pilot->code, $pilot->pilotid)); $this->set('allawards', AwardsData::getPilotAwards($pilot->pilotid)); $this->render('pilot_public_profile.php'); $this->render('pireps_viewall.php'); } Thoughts?