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  1. Thank you very much I’m trying my best to add what I always wanted to see in an acars Yes does work with fs9 just haven’t posted those details
  2. Admin panel has been added to program will be adding feature to add custom messages on start of program as well as images
  3. vasCARS BETA Module out for now we're working on alot more feature at the moment but this will get ya started https://vascroll.com/vasCARS/
  4. Member chat has officially been added this includes public chats private messages notifications of new messages (can be turned off) etc...
  5. Program is released finishing up some work on the module now https://vascroll.com/vasCARS/index.php?/files/file/2-vascars/
  6. Looking to Release a live version today or tomorrow !
  7. vbegin7#7668 Didnt see yours in the pm
  8. Thanks its Vbegin7 on discord
  9. Great Can yall come on teamspeak or discord later today or when available im working on it now
  10. Heres an image of some of the forms within the program i just got finished adding a reminder form that will popup and remind ya if you didnt start your log for your flight ! if anyone would like to beta test this program before i release it please tell me asap i need 3 more people these people will get a registration key for the program it is free but will contain some paid services the total cost is $5 for a lifetime but anyhow you may use it as free
  11. That would be great ! im almost finished with first release i believe
  12. Are they registering or using oath of google, or facebook, or something
  13. For Beta Testing vasCARS connect to phpvms discord tonight at 6pm EST
  14. I just looked in your admin panel and you are using phpVMS 5.5 from simpilot not version 7 in this version you can add fuel as an expense if you wish if you look under reports & expenses on the admin panel click add new expense then fill in the blanks and select per flight. I am in the middle of creating a new acars client for this version of phpvms it will be allowed on all virtual airlines with the 5.5 version you can check it out here below.
  15. no its for 5.5 once 7 becomes stable i will rewrite the variables for it to work with version 7
  16. Still working hard on this project should have beta version out real soon
  17. if you're just starting out with phpvms i would get the 5.5.x version from simpilot if i was you it is more stable at this time
  18. Yes they can be banned via ip also via username of course also by email so if try to reregister ban on invision forums is like a life ban you cant even get pas with a vpn i know because i run my forums on this same system
  19. Im accepting suggestions as well they can be entered at the link below this link is where the releases will be published http://vascroll.com/vasCARS/
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