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  1. Oh ok i figures out it was lbs in the end. @thunder175what price per load do you use? I use $5/lb but I’m not sure what I should use
  2. Hi. I use phpvms 5. We started doing cargo flights recently. For our cargo aircraft, the 747-8F, we added the max cargo weight as 300000(as is says in lbs) but when we edit the pireps to change the load, we don’t know if we should be entering it in kg or lbs. Please help us with this. Thanks. Umar
  3. For phpVMS v7? If so, count me in!
  4. Sure. test@test.com password These are the credentials and the site is http://www.infiniteairways.xyz The account has admin access Try filing a pirep for e.g and see there arent any options to add fuel, and it doesn't use that in the calculations. I added a custom field for landing rate and fuel used, but that was just to collect the data from the pilot. My plan was to add the fuel as an expense to each pirep but it seems that it not possible either..
  5. Hi. I recently upgraded my VA site to phpVMS v7. We are struggling to find out how to add fuel into our pireps. It doesnt seem to exist anywhere. We see it in the database but not in the UI and when we change it in the database nothing happens. Also, we cannot find any ACARS program that works. We have tried APVacars v2 but that gives errors when we select the VA from the list. Also, there isn't an option for landing rate either. Please help us with these issues as our flights are grounded otherwise, thanks.
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