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  1. Tac01

    Kacars Help!!

    Good Day all, Hope everyone is doing well. Anyways, just got back to flightsim/FSX-SE, and was wondering if anyone of you can provide me a working link to obtain Kacars Free version? Please help. Thanks guys/gals. Tac
  2. Tac01


    Hi all, same here can't generate new airports to my data base, but is it possible to enter it manually? Thanks guys, Tac
  3. Hi all, hope all is well with everyone. Anyways, I've been trying for few days on how to change the length size of the slider images on my new VA website, I have no clue! can someone please help me. Please visit the site at http://lifeflightvirtual.us/index.php/ Thanks, Tac
  4. Im a bit lost here LOL. Please show me where exactly i can add this to. Thanks for your reply as well.
  5. Amazing, didn't know that was possible, I mean like how can someone see it? Can a page be added called "Pilots" instead of typing it?
  6. Good Morning all, Looks like the roster is missing on my the page, and I was wondering if someone can help me with new site. I also notices that the pilots_list.tpl file not listed inside the Skin(my new Skin) tamplate. I need help, thanks. www.armedforcesvirtual.us Tac
  7. Hello, please check your PM, thanks.
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