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  1. Hello, I come to you for help! I know that the subjects have already been treated but in spite of all that I can not stop tearing my hair. here I just installed PHPVMs 5.5 I finally managed to customize my template on the other handI encounter a problem with the recaptcha that does not work despite the advice and tutorial online and on the forum and now I just see that the addition airports do not work anymore. I am ready to give a ticket to the one who will help me to solve these problems. It is quite urgent because we have changed the system and the VA no longer steals because phpvms is not
  2. ethanou77


    Hello everyone, Well I come back to you looking for someone who can make me a site for phpvms v5.5. contact me in pv for people interested. the project is pretty urgent. thank you
  3. I can't send reports on manual or automatic with kacars and smartcars or website, i'm ready to reinstall phpvms following your council
  4. I just made a test flight with smartCARS 2 is the same. No PIREPs that appears to validate the smartCArs yet sent well
  5. http://virtual-french-airlines.com/
  6. Hello... Sorry I'm so in research I forget things . I use version 5.5.2 of phpvms , I'm on a paid host with a domain name and I use kacars free . My problem is that kacars find out the following reservations and flights well . the problem appears only at the end when submitting the PIREPs there are no error messages that nothing happens. I get out the message that a PIREPs just been sent except that nothing appears admin center awaiting validation my flights are not included. sorry I had to use google translate http://virtual-french-airlines.com http://i347.photobucket.com/albums/p473/ethano
  7. Someone could he how to properly configure phpvms for sending PIREPs none of the reports that I send only appears either in admin center or in my flights and PIREPS , I begin to crack with all these bugs please.
  8. By dint of searching I just found the solution! so go to phpMyAdmin and find phpvms_schedules table, then go route_details change in the default set to NULL and save .
  9. Looking for someone to help me install phpvms so that everything works without problem against payment. not serious refrain , contact me by MP
  10. Good evening everyone, Yet I stroke my worries ! I you contact to try to find the problem or can come , I have this message "There was an error adding the schedule, already exists DB error: Field 'route_details' doesn't have a default value" when I try to add a schedules. Help me please. I also tested the assistance provided to this address http://forum.phpvms....ey/#entry124242 on google but I still display nothing. excuse my english google translate my website with ocean blue theme is http://virtual-french-airlines.com/
  11. Good evening, I will contact to ask for help to finally install the skin "Lance or ocean blue" for my VA contact me by MP for the price thank you http://virtual-french-airlines.com/admin/index.php/operations/airports Good evening, I will contact to ask for help to finally install the skin "spear" for my ... contact me by MP for the price thank you
  12. Good evening, I come to the forum to ask for help, I think the topic was already discussed but I find no answer. I am interested in premium Kacars got this error that returns each time. my website http://test.virtual-...ch-airways.com/ if anyone can help me can help me
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