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  1. eliezerazevedo

    Complete Airports List

    Database with 52163 Airports. Fetus file to be used in PHPVMS https://github.com/eliezerazevedo/Airports-PHPVMS
  2. eliezerazevedo

    Airport database

    Complete database with all aerodromes and heliports worldwid. https://github.com/eliezerazevedo/Airports-PHPVMS
  3. eliezerazevedo

    FATAL Error - Pilot Payments

    Solved! Try to use this file. Before you create a backup Directory: /core/common This file is already compatible with the module Auto Accept / Reject Pirep I am using php 5.3 on my server The version of my PHPVMS and phpvms 5.5.x PIREPData.class.zip
  4. eliezerazevedo

    Auto Accept/Reject Pirep

    An unexpected problem has appeared. Everything was going well, but I noticed that the flights are being approved and the pilots are not receiving payment for the flight. any idea what it is?
  5. eliezerazevedo

    FATAL Error - Pilot Payments

    I have the same problem
  6. eliezerazevedo

    Auto Accept/Reject Pirep

    Thanks for the help, it worked perfectly!
  7. eliezerazevedo

    Auto Accept/Reject Pirep

    Flights are not being approved automatically, do you have any idea what's going on? PirepAcData.class.zip
  8. eliezerazevedo

    Auto Accept/Reject Pirep

    Could you make the updated module available for version 5.5 of phpvms?
  9. Boa tarde! Vc teria como me enviar o arquivo do skin FLY para download?




  10. eliezerazevedo

    Changing status PIREP

    Can you have PIREP move to the status "Under analysis" when the pilot makes a comment? Example: A flight was automatically rejected, after the pilot made the comment, the flight returns to "Em analize" and stays in that status until a member of staff performs a manual analysis.
  11. eliezerazevedo

    Restrict Registration Form

    Managed to solve, it only took delete the line: if(Auth::LoggedIn()) // Make sure they don't over-ride it { $this->render('login_already.tpl'); return; } Thank you so much for services armpits.
  12. eliezerazevedo

    Restrict Registration Form

    Grandes obras, mas eu tenho um outro problema. Por padrão logado usuários não possam fazer o registro, sabe poderia mudar isso?
  13. eliezerazevedo

    Restrict Registration Form

    Hello, In my virtual airline'm using a separate system PHPVMS to the evaluation and admission of new crew. (And a kind of training center) I would like to leave the PHPVMS the registration page restricted to staff. After the pilot is approved in the proof of the training center, a staff makes the registration manually in PHPVMS.
  14. eliezerazevedo

    PIREP - System automatic approval

    The download link is not working, someone can offer this project to download?
  15. eliezerazevedo

    Pilot List

    Another doubt, I use this code to count the number of registered pilots. It would be possible to count only active crew? <?php echo StatsData::PilotCount(); ?>