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  1. disabled flights in schedule also be shown... :-( can somebody help please?
  2. sorry....my fault, this problem is in FBSV11 module
  3. disabled aircrafts will be shown. how can i fix it please?
  4. After install this error: Fatal error: Class 'MailData' not found in /home/u166215059/public_html/core/modules/Mail/Mail.php on line 59 in Line 59: $this->set('mail', MailData::getallmail(Auth::$userinfo->pilotid));
  5. is it possible to show in the admin menu what users already purchased? i dont find anything... :-(
  6. yes it seems defined...see attachment app.config.php
  7. just tested it...if i entered a price in the "pay for flight" the automatic the pireps are set to paytype "2" i found out now, if i change in the PIREP-database to paytype"1" before accepting, then all is ok and it seems the hourly payment with the filled price is calculated correctly. so its seems, its a calculating error (bug) in paytype "2"
  8. hi servestas....thx for reply the paytype value is to 99% "1" and sometimes "2" i think i got a "2" if i entered a price in the "pay for flight" price....but im not sure....
  9. I think i found a bug, if im adding a new schedule.... my pilots always paid for each hour flight....O.K. in my case 20$/h but if i enter a price in the field "pay for flight" (example "10") then the pilot get the normal hour-rate + the amount of the "pay for flight" (10$/h) field example: pilot flying 90min then the pilot receive 30$ + 15$ = 45$ ??? it should be 15 $ only, or the amount which i filled out in the "pay for flight" field, or im wrong??
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