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  1. Hy i will display the Toppilot of the Month, the Top Pilot (Hours Flown) and the Top Pilot (Miles flown) And all 3 Things i will add in a table and will display on the frontpage.
  2. Hello Guys after a long time without coding i need assistance on this module. alle files are on the server and the SQL was included on the Database. Now i will show the Toppilots on the frontpage. Heres if i was maded to come up to the Site. <?php Template::Show('tp_index.php'); ?> when i look at the Site i will see this Error Message Notice: The template file "/www/htdocs/w01501e7/lausitzair/core/templates/tp_index.php" doesn't exist in /www/htdocs/w01501e7/lausitzair/core/classes/TemplateSet.class.php on line 231 My Question: What have i to do, to display the Toppilot on the frontpage ? Many thanks fpor your help.
  3. Thats not the correct Answer. I wil lhave not the Livemap on the Mainsite, i will have the Weather map in this topic on the frontpage_main... The Livemap i have already..... So the next please. I dotn know where i can figure it out
  4. Hello Guys have anybody the code to show the Map on the frontpage_main.php ? Thanks in Advance
  5. Have anybody the current Navdate ?
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