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  1. edit : it has been solved just need to add both main domain and subdoamin to the google recaptcha admin ,, i did that and it worked well thx @ProAvia for ur time thx
  2. it is phpvms 5.5 from simpilot yes i did alll i think it is problem with the domain because i tried it in my another domain and it worked perfectly but not in my new domain ,, is it somthing have to do with the domain if then what is it ?? its too strange thx
  3. hi bro ,, using 5.5 simpilot versionn bro i tried all solution ,, noting worked yet
  4. hello guys i have installed phpvms 5.5 and tried to solve the reCAPTCHA error by this forum still the error remain to be there "ERROR for site owner: Invalid site key" but what i got confused is , before 2 month i already installed a va and solved recapchta using this thread but now it dosnt ,, why is it so ? am i doing somthing wrong ? thank you
  5. i used this , but how to link the pilot profile along there name ??
  6. i tried this but it dint work , any updated code for it ??
  7. hello can u tell me where exactly i can change that , and the line pls thank you
  8. Hello , is it possible to make the sidebar not to scroll down while we scoll down the web page , like i dont want the sidebar to move with the content scrolling , the sidebar should stay there while content is scrolled down thank you
  9. hello , i want it for specific pilots and display it in dashboard
  10. Hello guys is there code for showing last recent flight details can anyone help me to get these information for last flight Callsign: Departure Airport: Arrival Airport: Aircraft: flight time: Date of Flight status of the pirep: thank you
  11. can anyone tell me how to get the dept airport and arr airport of last flown flight and the flight time thank you
  12. this is my content <?php class IVAO extends CodonModule { public function index() { $pilots = PilotData::getAllPilots(); foreach($pilots as $pilot) { $fieldvalue = PilotData::GetFieldValue($pilot->pilotid, 'IVAO ID'); if($fieldvalue != '') { if(strlen($fieldvalue) < 5) { continue; } if (!is_numeric($fieldvalue)) { continue; } echo $fieldvalue.'<br />'; } } }
  13. sayedzaafir


    which port is kacar using to connect the host servers ?
  14. hello again yes tried sir , if u want u can have a look to fix it and not only kacar not working alll i tried and same thank you
  15. hello okay now i changed the location of kacar and tried and it says in right side connection error so this is same for all acar so what can we do for this is this issue first time ? thank you
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