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  1. It certainly gives me something to think about. Appreciate the pointer.
  2. The following is a section of the code used on a custom WordPress plugin to create a user account. Although I can read the file and make slight modifications to it; I have no clue how to apply the principles used here to phpVMS.
  3. If I want to know anything about anyone on VATSIM I can look up the CID in the stats page or I can look up the CID via the direct feed. For example, if I look myself up I would go to https://api.vatsim.net/api/ratings/1289149/ and I would get back id: "1289149" rating: 10 pilotrating: 0 militaryrating: 0 susp_date: null reg_date: "2014-04-22T20:09:18" region: "AMAS" division: "CAR" subdivision: "SDO" lastratingchange: "2021-04-06T23:12:47" In reality, VATSIM also stores more data that can be pulled and validated via the API. It also includes: VATSIM Registered Email VATSIM Registered First Name VATSIM Registered Last Name VATSIM Registered Country Code VATSIM Registered Country Name With the exception of Hub selection, The pilot would not need to add anything. All the relevant data would be pulled through the API.
  4. Correct. I want users to be able to register via the vatsim sso with all of their relevant data pulled from vatsim and used to create the user account. This will validate the user is in good standing with the network and provide us with accurate info while allowing the user to use one account for all of it. In turn, if a user gets banned or suspended on the network, that status will reflect with us since they won't be able to use the sso to access their account. A great way to provide automatic checks and balances between our pilot roster and the vatsim network.
  5. Would it be possible to integrate the VATSIM single sign-on (vatsim connect) with phpVMS? I am building my VA to operate solely on the VATSIM network, and since we already have the capability to store the VATSIM CID and use it to direct members to the stats area. I think it would be great if we can also use it for the actual member account.
  6. That did the trick. Changed VATSIM to VATSIM ID as the name in the settings in order to match the theme.json file. If I had half your brain, I could rule the world LOL. Thanks for the help.
  7. Good to know. Thanks, ProAvia.
  8. Currently using Disposable Basic Pack v3.4.x on phpVMS v7 dev (latest as of 2 July 2023). After installing smartCARS3 I began testing all the connections. I can currently connect to our databases and make use of our databases with no problems. I can equally bit on flights and file PIREPS. That said, the only area I am detecting a fault is on the website's live flight map. It does not show the active flight. I can see it on VATSIM, and on the smartCARS map, but not on the website. I checked the settings page to see if I was missing a setting with no joy. I checked the TFDi forums and noted that smartCARS3 now natively supports phpVMS7. I would appreciate any guidance the community can provide. Thanks in advance everyone.
  9. I am also experiencing this issue. I followed the steps on this forum and the ones listed at I can see the field in the registration area and the admin panel. Unfortunately, the data is not translating to the user profile or the pilot roster. I would appreciate any further guidance the can community can provide. Thanks all.
  10. Magic!! LoL Thanks for the assistance, I had not cleared the cache.
  11. I am in need of some guidance when it comes to enabling the SSL certs on the site. I feel like I am missing a step. Currently using Disposable Basic Pack v3.4.x on phpVMS v7 dev (latest as of 2 July 2023). In phpVMS v5.x it was just a matter of changing two lines of code in the local and global config.php files from HTTP to HTTPS. Based on the instructions during the setup of v7 it stated that the env.php file has the same capabilities as the config files from v5. I don't see a related option in the file and after looking around the documentation, I could not find any relevant materials. Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  12. Hey @Vangelis thanks for the help. You can access my crew center at http://crew.airboundvirtual.net using the following credentials. User: demo@airboundvirtual.net Pass: ABC123 I haven't linked the simbrief page yet. You will need to add the .../SimBrief manually.
  13. @ProAviaI thought I should share the full error log when the .../SimBrief page is loaded. I am guessing the template errors are a result of the XLM files not loading. On a side note, all other modules load up just fine. SimBrief is the only troublesome one at the moment.
  14. @ProAviasorry on the delay, and thanks for the continued support. I can confirm that url_fopen is on. I am also using the all default files for the SimBrief module pulled directly from GitHub. Added by credentials and website as directed of course. I also attempted your suggestion and changed to crystal theme. Same result.
  15. This is the complete code for the SimBrief.php Line 12 is I am running simpilot phpvms 5.5.2 and a MySQL Server version: 5.7.33-cll-lve - MySQL Community Server - (GPL). When I say modified version I am referring to skins and modules, not the platforms themselves.
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