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  1. Hey @Vangelis thanks for the help. You can access my crew center at http://crew.airboundvirtual.net using the following credentials. User: demo@airboundvirtual.net Pass: ABC123 I haven't linked the simbrief page yet. You will need to add the .../SimBrief manually.
  2. @ProAviaI thought I should share the full error log when the .../SimBrief page is loaded. I am guessing the template errors are a result of the XLM files not loading. On a side note, all other modules load up just fine. SimBrief is the only troublesome one at the moment.
  3. @ProAviasorry on the delay, and thanks for the continued support. I can confirm that url_fopen is on. I am also using the all default files for the SimBrief module pulled directly from GitHub. Added by credentials and website as directed of course. I also attempted your suggestion and changed to crystal theme. Same result.
  4. This is the complete code for the SimBrief.php Line 12 is I am running simpilot phpvms 5.5.2 and a MySQL Server version: 5.7.33-cll-lve - MySQL Community Server - (GPL). When I say modified version I am referring to skins and modules, not the platforms themselves.
  5. Greetings everyone, I have taken all the steps in the read me file and even attempted some of the modifications suggested in the forums. I still continue to get the following errors. Any help would be appreciated. I am running PHP Version 5.6 on a modified version of phpvms 5.5.X. Skin is a modified combination of the Mark Sawn and Stisla Crew Centers.
  6. Thank you @Vangelis. I still have all the notes you gave me years ago on how to install and configure the module. Very helpful!!
  7. Would anyone happen to have the current download link for this module?? Thank you for the assistance in advance.
  8. Would this be adaptable to a WP site. I would like to be able to weather on my front end.
  9. Greetings all. Im wondering if anyone can help me integrate a decoded metars table to run on a WP front page. I know about CheckWX and although I can get it working on php I cant seem to sort it on WP. Any help would be great.
  10. So I've managed to get the iframes working. On last bit, hoping you all can help me with. If I am signed in to the crewcenter, I the iframe shows me the skin plus the map. When im logout, it will only show me the map. Any thoughts on how I can get the iframe to show me only the map regardless of status.
  11. Hey no worries, I appreciate you even taking the time. That still didn't work. Either full blank page or fatal errors out. If I can try a different a different approach to this. Do you know how to create a module for use inside of phpvms. Im figuring if I can add a blank module to only show text, than I can use the normal code spinets to pull all the stats into that one module. After that I can just iframe the module to the static page.
  12. What I mean is that if I type http://urlhere.org/welcome/index.php it will auto redirect to http://urlhere.org/welcome/portal/index.php. Trouble remains, If I dont have a user name and password it still wont show me anything.in a worst case scenario I know I can just iframe the map. Im just trying to scripted so that I can pull the rest of the VA stats as well.
  13. @ProAvia When I load the index.php with the stated changes, it forces the change to move into the portal subdomain.
  14. @ProAvia thanks for the response. The HTML resides in its own subdomain and the PHPVMS is inside of that. http://urlhere.org/welcome - This is were the HTML resides. http://urlhere.org/welcome/portal - This is were the PHPVMS resides. Since I am using a crewcenter build, it cant sit on a domain. It has the login page prior to entering the crew area and its designed to be in a subdomain. But I would like to show the live map and some basic stats like pilot count, fuel burned and so on to guests who don't have a login hens the reason for the static html front page.
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