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  1. Shadesb181

    "No route passed" [solved]

    for those that want to know the solution to my issue, it was as simple as making sure I had aircraft assigned to the routes. Wana thank, ProSkyDesign for the help, really very awesome job.
  2. Shadesb181

    "No route passed" [solved]

    sure, what do you need
  3. Shadesb181

    "No route passed" [solved]

    Can anyone expand on this topic, please?
  4. Shadesb181

    Can I Have A Clean Code Of The Pilot Roster With No Hubs

    Note that the coding above works using phpvms 5.5 and runing php version 5.6 on my server. That's my config at least. Also r you using the .tpl or .php version of the crewcenter. That will change the formatting as shown above.
  5. Shadesb181

    [Free] CrewCenter - Modern and responsive pilot center

    I was using 5.6 downgraded to 5.5. After reading the forums more, learned my version of phpvms works more stable on 5.5. as for the front page acars map, ill have to sort something out.
  6. Shadesb181

    [Free] CrewCenter - Modern and responsive pilot center

    First off, Mark a great job on this skin. My favorite by far. Now on to business. Although I am new to coding and understanding much of HTML and CSS I have my VA almost at 100%. Two things elude me and I'm hoping to find the help I need here. The 3rd one, not a big deal. 1 - The profile picture is not saving when I change it. I can go to edit profile select what I want, it just won't save the changes. 2 - I installed the phpvms in a subforum of my site as directed however, I wish to bring the acars map to the front page. I've looked around for this one too and no help yet. 3 - This one is not to big of a deal but if anyone knows how to get rid of this error (Deprecated: Methods with the same name as their class will not be constructors in a future version of PHP; ReCaptcha has a deprecated constructor in /home/flyvirtu/crew.flyvirtualfrontier.com/core/lib/recaptcha/recaptchalib.php on line 42) in the registration page that would be great. Ive already attempted just deleting it and also replacing the line with php7 configs and no luck. I am configured for .PHP and I am using version 5.6 on my hosting site. Any help or suggestion would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance.