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  1. Hello, Does anyone know if PHPVMS comes with aircraft getting damaged over time and then put in a hanger for repair or if that is a module I can download? If its a module would you mind sending me a link. Thanks, Raaj Patel
  2. Does anyone still have a download link to this skin as it still looks amazing!
  3. Hello! Just a quick question are we allowed to remove the Favicon and logo in the top left to one that represents our airline, and if we are allowed to do you mind briefly showing me where the image file is located so I can change it. Thanks, Raaj Patel
  4. Hello everyone unfortunatly today the dashboard for my website stopped working . If you guys have any suggestions on what it could possibly be that would be awesome!!! On a side less important note I cant get it to go to page 2 on like airports and flights and stuff... but that's less important... Screenshot: http://prntscr.com/jjsf1u Thanks, Raaj Patel
  5. Hello everyone does anyone have any idea why it is not letting me change between pages on any of the dashboard pages.... Like once I flight on Airports and I want to see the next page of airports I click 2 the URL changes to page=2 but no physical change... any ideas??? Thanks, Raaj Patel
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