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  1. Taran22

    vStaff - v1.0

    I'm attempting to use this module with Deep Blue. It works and all, but the template just looks like this?
  2. I've done that, and those are the codes I used. Would someone be willing to go in and fix this and the google map issue for me? I'll pay for that at this point.
  3. Taran22

    deepBlue 1.0

    I have tried this, I'm the same guy that's been in the discord support. None of this is working for me. Can I pay someone to fix this? if so, how much?
  4. I followed the steps, but the recaptcha box just disappears. http://skykingvirtualalliance.net/index.php/Registration
  5. Taran22

    deepBlue 1.0

    Where can I change the google API for the maps, and also, how can I fix the recaptcha error?
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