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  1. Hi, i've been looking for the original download of mark swan's crew center, but the link doesn't seem to work anymore. Does anyone have an original copy to share? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi, i've looked for the normal log at the ftp area and is empty, no erros registered. error_log.zip
  3. Any idea to solve this issue? 😅
  4. Yes, the PIREP is being saved on the website. Where is the line 2SUCCESS? I'm trying to find it but I don't remember where it is 😅 Cheers,
  5. Hi, I'm currenty having an issue when filing a pirep with smartCARS, when sending the report, I'm getting the following messaage "PIREP FILING ERROR, the virtual airline's web server didn't confirm the PIREP filing properly with smartCARS. This doesn't mean always mean that the PIREP wasn't filed. Please verify that PIREP was filed on the airline's website. I've done all the checks according to TFDI and smartCARS seems to be correctly installed, so the issue should be something else on my config. At the logs I'm also getting the following error: [02:16:05 ] Windows 10, Build 17134, Suite Mask: 0x300, 64bit Architecture [02:16:05 ] Browser emulation mode set to 11001 [02:16:18 ] Logged in to airline 919 as pilot 1986 with dbid 1986 [02:16:20 ] set_color 4 [02:16:20 ] set_color 7 [03:21:28 ] The sim monitor thread returned [03:21:30 ] [ERROR] An unknown or unsatisfactoy response was received during the PIREP filing. It was : You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ')' at line 2SUCCESS I've been trying to fix the problem many times and also been looking at the forums, another user seemed to have the same issue about a year ago but didn't get an answer. Best regards
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