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    my problem has already detected!I changed the image backround at lib/signatures/background and all is ok!thank you very much....
  2. Hello, this is my Virtual Airline for the IVAO network,the Greece Airways Virtual! Our website are: www.greeceairwaysva.com www.greeceairwaysva.com/fss If you are an active IVAO member you can join us and have fun!
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    How can i update my phpVMS at the new version???I have already download it but i don't know waht to do.....
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    phpVMS Virtual Airline Administration Software Install Check phpVMS Build Number: 933 Checking PHP version [OK] PHP version is 5.2.9.x ASP Tags [OK] ASP-style tags are disabled Checking connectivity... [OK] Can contact outside servers Checking for SimpleXML module... [OK] SimpleXML module exists! Checking file hashes for corrupt or mismatched files [OK] No errors found! -- Checked 183 files, found 0 errors phpVMS Virtual Airline Administration Software Database Check Checking phpvms_fssacarsdata...OK Checking phpvms_fssadminlog...OK Checking phpvms_fssaircraft...OK Checking phpvms_fssairlines...OK Checking phpvms_fssairports...OK Checking phpvms_fssawards...OK Checking phpvms_fssawardsgranted...OK Checking phpvms_fssbids...OK Checking phpvms_fsscustomfields...OK Checking phpvms_fssdownloads...OK Checking phpvms_fssexpenselog...OK Checking phpvms_fssexpenses...OK Checking phpvms_fssfieldvalues...OK Checking phpvms_fssfinancedata...OK Checking phpvms_fssfuelprices...OK Checking phpvms_fssgroupmembers...OK Checking phpvms_fssgroups...OK Checking phpvms_fssnavdata...OK Checking phpvms_fssnews...OK Checking phpvms_fsspages...OK Checking phpvms_fsspilots...OK Checking phpvms_fsspirepcomments...OK Checking phpvms_fsspirepfields...OK Checking phpvms_fsspireps...OK Checking phpvms_fsspirepvalues...OK Checking phpvms_fssranks...OK Checking phpvms_fssschedules...OK Checking phpvms_fsssessions...OK Checking phpvms_fsssettings...OK Checking phpvms_fssupdates...OK i think all is ok!!
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    you can always click on force update.(??) i don't know a lot of things.......
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    i have a problem i open the link /instal/update.php but when i open it, is tells me phpVMS Updater You already have updated! Please delete this /install folder. To force the update to run again, click: update.php?force (i get in there) phpVMS Updater Starting the update... Update completed! If there were any errors, you may have to manually run the SQL update, or correct the errors, and click the following to re-run the update: Click here to force the update to run again Click here to goto your site, or your admin panel then i delete the install folder but at the administration panel continue tell me Version 2.1.934 is available for download! Please update ASAP
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