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  1. I do not use ACARS. It was required for "briefing" page to have correct values for each type. As You can see on the picture.
  2. So to sum up, it is working for me. Some "Out of the box" thinking required ... Example of added code: schedule_results.tpl - after /* THIS BEGINS ONE TABLE ROW */ <form action="<?php echo url('/schedules/brief/'.$route->id);?>" method="post"> ... <?php if($route->aircraft == A320){ $option1 = "A320"; $option2 = "B739"; }else if($route->aircraft == B739){ $option1 = "B739"; $option2 = "A320"; } ?> ... <select name="<?php echo $route->code . $route->flightnum?>actype2" type="text" id="<?php echo $route->code . $route->flightnum?>actype2"> <option value="<?php echo $option1; ?>"><?php echo $option1; ?></option> <option value="<?php echo $option2; ?>"><?php echo $option2; ?></option> </select> <input type="submit" name="submit" value="GO TO BRIEFING" /> </form> schedule_briefing.tpl $actype2 = $_POST[$schedule->code.$schedule->flightnum.actype2]; and now the value actype2 can be used for everything You like. Best regards,:
  3. Thx for a reply, I have been thinking about php POST method, so that schedule_results.tpl will have a dropdown ("hidden form") and link would POST result to schedule_briefing.tpl but for some reason, I am not able to get it working with phpvms. I have used it in several other sites.
  4. Dear All, Is there any solution for selecting aircraft from schedule_results.tpl? For example EGKK-EDDM flight is added as B738 to schedules database, it would be nice to have drop-down, where pilots could select other aircraft types like A320. Then the (custom) weight calculations would be correct on schedule_briefing.tpl. It is just annoying to add all schedules 2 times. Best Regards,
  5. Same question Has anyone noticed that the aircraft total hr is different from the hrs in the admin panel? Hrs are inserted in format 2.3 = 2 hrs 30 mins, but the system module seems to count it as 2 3/10 hrs so the total hrs are less than they should. Best Regards,
  6. Yeah, I saw the official "post" about patch for phpvms. But since the phpvms is not so widely used, as some other software (wordpress for example or similar), the week spots there are, will be patched after most of the users are already hacked. That is just something that we can not allow to happen anymore, since "sensitive" information can be lost. That is the reason why "dual" protection is used. Our phpvms users wont notice it anyways.
  7. Dear All! Our site was also hacked. 29th evening - some index.php/html files where replaced. 29th later evening - some more index.php/html files where replaced. We tought that it is a "robot" that uses some kind a weakness. All passwords where replaced and software upgraded to the latest versions (where possible). 30th early morning - it was clear (according to logs), that it was not a "robot" but a human, who was quite freely changing files, making copies of files, etc. The access to the web was blocked by us, until we could find out what is the weak spot. Later on 30th of September - We took some "drastic" measures (mainly by creative minds from http://www.flightsim.ee/) to protect our Servers (3-4 hrs of hard work). Sadly, I think that it can not be used for other VA-s, since we run phpvms only for "Intranet". Anyways, please contact us for more details, if You are interested, since I am not going to post the "trick" here. The system is up and running, files are cleaned, and everything restored - aircraft flying. The server log shows that there has been several attempts to re-hack without success, so far. Those kids from Indonesia do not sleep, and it seems that a really huge amount of VA-s are down for now, and it is just stupid, to do it for competition. And I think that they will continue to "score" until the working patch is out. http://flyjh.lennusimu.net
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