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  1. Hi everyone, I've worked with phpVMS for quite a while now and I'm pretty satisfied, great job!! Now my customer had page already set up and wanted me to integrate phpVMS. I have a normal login field (Pilot ID, Password and remember). I got the loginform: <h1>Login</h1> <form name="loginform" action="<?php echo url('/login');?>" method="post"> <?php echo "<?xml version='1.0'?>"; ?> <?php if(isset($message)) echo '<p class="error">'.$message.'</p>'; ?> <dl> <dt>E-mail Address:</dt> <dd><input type="te
  2. Hello, thanks, I will have a look on the files, but now I will go sleeping 3am is too late to think clear:D Martin
  3. Hello, I dont think of the Design, that I have allready designed, I think of synchronizeing the Pilots between the System and the Forum! So that the Pilots only have to register onetime. Example: Pilot Registration -> Automatic Bridge (Registers the pilot to the forum) -> Pilot can use Pilot name and password in the forum. Martin
  4. Hello, Is anybody outthere who can circumscribe the Pirepsystem to control the ranks with every Pirep so that I get a message if a pilot climbs up a rank. Then I have to accept the new rank and the pilot climbs up. Martin
  5. Hello, no, its a payhoster, and it is working perfektly! Martin
  6. Hello, all folders are at the right place and I didnt change the code Martin
  7. Hello, this is the half I need an notice (Just like the PIREPs), and then I have to accept the new rang Martin
  8. Hello, a little more automatic would be great I think of something like the Pirep System: I have to accept before it will be changed Martin
  9. Hello together, How can I create an "Typerating"-Center for phpVMS? I dont need a big system or something like that. The only thing I need is a button to accept the new rank before the pilot will get the next rang. Example: 100h -> Flight Officer -> I must accept -> The pilot will be Flight Officer Thanks for help Martin
  10. Ok, than it isnt normal: I have more then 20 schedules in database Anyone who can post the complete working code out there? Martin
  11. Hello, that isnt normal:!? http://flygermany-va.de/index.php/ Martin
  12. Hello, it doesnt work again . What can I do? Admin-Page: http://flygermany-va.de/index.php/Exams_admin'>http://flygermany-va.de/index.php/Exams_admin User-Page: http://flygermany-va.de/index.php/Exams Now Im using 943 Martin
  13. Hello, thanks for support Nabeel, now it works very good! Martin
  14. Hello, now you can buy CD-Cases Martin
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