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  1. Hi everyone, I've worked with phpVMS for quite a while now and I'm pretty satisfied, great job!! Now my customer had page already set up and wanted me to integrate phpVMS. I have a normal login field (Pilot ID, Password and remember). I got the loginform: <h1>Login</h1> <form name="loginform" action="<?php echo url('/login');?>" method="post"> <?php echo "<?xml version='1.0'?>"; ?> <?php if(isset($message)) echo '<p class="error">'.$message.'</p>'; ?> <dl> <dt>E-mail Address:</dt> <dd><input type="te
  2. Hello, thanks, I will have a look on the files, but now I will go sleeping 3am is too late to think clear:D Martin
  3. Hello, I dont think of the Design, that I have allready designed, I think of synchronizeing the Pilots between the System and the Forum! So that the Pilots only have to register onetime. Example: Pilot Registration -> Automatic Bridge (Registers the pilot to the forum) -> Pilot can use Pilot name and password in the forum. Martin
  4. Hello, Is anybody outthere who can circumscribe the Pirepsystem to control the ranks with every Pirep so that I get a message if a pilot climbs up a rank. Then I have to accept the new rank and the pilot climbs up. Martin
  5. Hello, no, its a payhoster, and it is working perfektly! Martin
  6. Hello, all folders are at the right place and I didnt change the code Martin
  7. Hello, this is the half I need an notice (Just like the PIREPs), and then I have to accept the new rang Martin
  8. Hello, a little more automatic would be great I think of something like the Pirep System: I have to accept before it will be changed Martin
  9. Hello together, How can I create an "Typerating"-Center for phpVMS? I dont need a big system or something like that. The only thing I need is a button to accept the new rank before the pilot will get the next rang. Example: 100h -> Flight Officer -> I must accept -> The pilot will be Flight Officer Thanks for help Martin
  10. Ok, than it isnt normal: I have more then 20 schedules in database Anyone who can post the complete working code out there? Martin
  11. Hello, that isnt normal:!? http://flygermany-va.de/index.php/ Martin
  12. Hello, it doesnt work again . What can I do? Admin-Page: http://flygermany-va.de/index.php/Exams_admin'>http://flygermany-va.de/index.php/Exams_admin User-Page: http://flygermany-va.de/index.php/Exams Now Im using 943 Martin
  13. Hello, thanks for support Nabeel, now it works very good! Martin
  14. Hello, now you can buy CD-Cases Martin
  15. Hello, pretty nice generator, and it works Martin
  16. Hello, yes, there are only 3 routes active but in the database are more than 15. Because they are listed in the Flight Board Martin
  17. Hello Jeff, thx, I have updated phpVMS, but it doesnt work correctly Martin
  18. Hello, I have updated to the newest Version and now it works . Nice Tool Martin
  19. Hello, I cant find the discription in the docs, where it is? Martin
  20. Hello Nabeel, how can I solve the problem faster Nabeel? Unfortunately, I have no more time to wait, because we must get further with other things, hence, the question whether you could not even look the whole thing. Id be glad if you will sent me a Mail. Your sincerely Martin
  21. Hello, im running phpVMS Version 2.1.934! Im using the code for setting up. Im an admin and have full control in the Admin Panel. Martin
  22. I know and I had added it! But when I push on the link it goes to the Startpage! ;artin
  23. Hello together, looks very good, but theres a problem: when I try to go into the admin center theres only the "Home"-site! 1.: /exams works fine 2.: /exams_admin doesnt work fine Martin
  24. Hello, works very, very fine, thx Martin
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