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  1. Ah, yes. When all else fails, censorship will surely succeed. Don't bother. I have no further time to waste on this.
  2. I didn't know that running your VA also put you in charge of this forum. Do you insist on a dress code, while they are flying, as well? And what the holy heck is a "truly scalable airline", as it pertains to a VA? And, of course, yours is better, right? When your pilots do something you regard as catastrophic, do you retire them as dead? I'm sorry my standards are so low, compared to yours. I solemnly promise never to join your VA.
  3. I hadn't thought to start a war. I think it is sad that people participating in a hobby, fall into the same trap that has screwed up the rest of the world. That trap is, "Ours is the only right way to do things". If people want super-realism, fine. But I'd never be interested in joining such an airline and really wouldn't want a pilot who is looking for that sort of thing, joining mine. It wouldn't be a happy relationship. Now, the question has been asked, can I fly the PMDG 737 NGX. I own and fly it and the PMDG 747, MD-11 and Jetstream. Now, ask me how often I fly them. Truth is, that even after spending all that money, I much prefer aircraft that are less of a "chore". I much prefer the Quality wings BAe because I can choose the level of complexity I'm in the mood for. It's a hobby, not a job. I have no delusions that using FS, even in a VA, makes me a pilot, so I have nothing to prove. So, how often do your pilots have physicals and vision exams? What, they don't? What kind of realism is that? Actually, my flight simulator use predates FS 1.0 for the PC. I used the sublogic version for the Commodore, before that. When I put together my first PC-XT clone, I got FS 1.0 to determine if my computer was truly PC_XT compatible.
  4. I'm amazed at the bogus arguments used to justify the simple fact that you do not trust your pilots. Sites sometimes hiccup, as do ISPs. Google will provide pages of references to FSUIPC crashing. As for all that stuff about realism, please don't make me laugh. All real world pilots can watch TV, answer the front door and talk to their friends on the phone, while flying, right? All real world pilots are alone on the flight deck, right? Real world pilots can set the autopilot, go to bed and land the next morning, right? And surely, they must all be able to avert disaster by resetting things and starting over, right? If you want to take the elitist approach to running a VA, have fun. I'd much rather provide a means to have people enhance their enjoyment of FS by providing a mechanism for shared experience and purpose, not, "Look Ma, I can fly PMDG". BTW, using FS for six years doesn't impress me. I've been using it since version 1.0.
  5. Obviously, you are entitled to your opinion, but there are a couple of point I'd like to bring up. First, what does technical expertise have to do with the ability to use a flight simulator? Second, if you have so little trust for people, What makes you think knowledge of computers is directly related to knowledge of aviation or willingness to abide by rules. If the default aircraft functions on someone's computer better than the one you provide, why force him to abandon the one that works better for him? If a person is going to fly a 3, 5, or 10 hour flight and have his simconnect die, or connectivity to your web site evaporate or his simulator throw a fatal error while he is on short final, how many times do you think those things will happen before he says the hell with it, and you never hear from him again? Want to eliminate forged pireps? eliminate automatic promotions that are based on ours. That gets rid of pilots chasing imaginary rank.
  6. I'm running both FSX and Prepar3d under W8. No problems I can see.
  7. I installed it yesterday, and with the exception of the fact that Avast kept shutting down most of the new apps, all was fine. I just changed my antivirus program and had no further trouble.
  8. I have only one question, and this is not directed at the OP. I've been wondering about it for years. Why do people advertise their VAs on sites that are most likely to be seen only by those involved in running other VAs?
  9. Are they trying to enter the flight number with the airline code prefix?
  10. Thanks. I missed that, but had a hunch.
  11. Well, it seems I'm wrong twice. I turned the hotlink prevention feature off, but as soon as I change the base url, I lose all css, even though the site works, otherwise.. I put the site in maintenance mode while I try to figure this out.
  12. Has anyone tried this with SMF 2.0.2?
  13. After doing a global search and replace for the site's URL, changing it from domain_1.dom/folder to domain_2.dom, everything functions, but the CSS. The base URL was changed properly, all the pages and their content are there, it is just that none of the CSS for the skin being used, is evident. The pointers to the domain and DNS all appear to be as they should be. Anyone have an idea? Excuse the noise. I figured it out. I use Cloudflare for both domain_1 and domain_2. Both are set to prevent hotlinking, so when I changed the URL, none of the images were displayed.
  14. The downside of using app.config instead of local.config, is that if there ever was an updated version of phpvms, app.config would be overwritten. Of course, in this era of Flight Simulator lethargy, that's not a big cause for concern
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