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  1. Hello Im using chatroll chat in iframe tags and it works as well. Chatroll also has php application but i cant figure out howto make it work in my website. The code of Php Application <?php // Chatroll Single Sign-On (SSO) Parameters $uid = 1; // Current user id $uname = 'test'; // Current user name $ulink = 'http://example.com/profile/test'; // Current user profile URL (leave blank for none) $upic = ''; // Current user profile picture URL (leave blank for none) $ismod = 0; // Is current user a moderator? $sig = md5($uid . $uname . $ismod . 'dwcbbkhmrlldo28m'); $ssoParams = '&uid=' . $uid . "&uname=" . urlencode($uname) . "&ulink=" . urlencode($ulink) . "&upic=" . urlencode($upic) . "&ismod=" . $ismod . "&sig=" . $sig; ?> <iframe width='450' height='350' src='http://chatroll.com/embed/chat/thy-crew?id=B0mMF3LTJ7V&platform=php<?= $ssoParams ?>&w=$0' frameborder='0' scrolling='no' marginheight='0' marginwidth='0' allowtransparency='true'></iframe> I just could not figure out what is the variables of $uname $ulink $upic In the chatroll website they say: To enable Single Sign-On (SSO) and integrate with your PHP application's user profile system: (a) Assign correct values for the uid, uname, ulink and upic variables. ( Enable the Single Sign-On (SSO) feature from your Chatroll's settings page. I could not get more support from them. Best Regards
  2. TK0001

    kAcars Error

    Thats working like a charm. Thanks for your reply helped a lot!
  3. any of download links working.. can someone put a link to download?
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