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  1. Hello, I would like to display the smoothest landing ever in a field on my stats page. Does anyone know how? This one is working to show the VAs average landing rate: <?php echo ''.round(TouchdownStatsData::airline_average('airline'), 0); ?> How can I modify it to show the best landing rate? Thanks
  2. Hi, this is working smooth on my website. Just one problem though. Once generating the brief finishes and the template loads, the navigation on my web site appears like im logged out even though I'm still logged in. The nav bar changes the links.
  3. Hi everyone! I have the Great Circle Maps currently on my pilot profiles. I would like to use google maps to show the last 15 flights instead. Thanks
  4. Has anyone figured out how to have the list only show fields that have aircraft at it? I have many many airports with "no available aircraft" because people have flown charters to them and the airports have no scheduled routes.
  5. Flights used to cost $5000 in fuel, now its costing $85000 for the same duration
  6. what is the prefix for forum database supposed to be?
  7. actually, this is a template freely available on the internet at 1234.info.. Good luck with that. you want more proof? http://www.1234.info/webtemplates/multiflex2/demo/index.html
  8. It cant be the clock script, on the development phpvms install the map works.. its when we transfer the skin to the original phpvms install it stops working.
  9. Mine isn't working either, I have the same error on firebug.. any help appreciated
  10. md82

    HubStats Class

    Is it possible we could have average landing stats for each hub ?
  11. That done did it ! Thanks a lot !
  12. Hey guys, I'm trying to install the average landing function, it works for pilots who have flights logged, but for pilots with no flights yet it shows this: my touchdown stats data class any help appreciated
  13. When I put the code in the pilot profile, it still shows the VA's most recent flights instead of the pilots ???
  14. I'm still a noob at php, is there a code I could copy and paste ? Thanks again !
  15. Hi guys ! hope everyone is having a nice holiday ! I know this has come up before, but I cant find what I'm looking for. I've got the great circle mapper installed on my front page and working, but I want to install it in the pilot profile to show an individuals recent flights on the map. Anyone have this code ?
  16. Hi, how do I make it so that when a pilot who searches for a flight, airports with no routes don't show up ? I have pilots flying charter flights, and the airport gets added to my airports listing. I want these airports with out schedules not showing up. I'm new to php so I wouldn't have an idea where to start. thanks !
  17. I currently have just one airline running on my site. I've received a lot of requests to add a charter division. The problem is I don't want pilots going crazy and just flying charter 24/7. It would be great if someone could make an addon where it extracts pilot pay if they fly charter flights. Once their balance is gone they have to fly scheduled flights again. thanks !
  18. I added it, still empty.. here is a screenshot of how the database stands today, it might have changed slightly.
  19. is the "field id" relevant ? I noticed the fieldid for the vatsim dropdown is 4. if the code only pulls (yes,no) from that fieldid could that help it ?
  20. Thats a lot better- No errors when I go to that page- but the numbers aren't showing up.. I really appreciate the help
  21. I'm lost.. So I make a "class" in the /core/classes folder or where ? I apologize im such a noob
  22. Where should I put this code: I've tried a few different places but cant figure it out.. thanks as always !
  23. awesome ! except didnt quite get it working. what do I put this code inside of ? the existing codes look like thanks !!
  24. hi ! I wanna add a "online flights" stat to my airline stats section. I made a custom pirep field dropdown "flew online" with the option "yes or no".. Is it possible to have a code that if "yes" was selected it would add to a online flight total displayed on the front of my page ? thanks !
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