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  1. Only in domain.com/index.php other pages like domain.com/index.php/xxx or domain.com/index.php/yyy works perfect
  2. Hey Servetas i hope you're doing well so far, my provider i guess just changed something with php 5.6.30 i have many php versions to select but i didn't change anything with that, the critical error arises suddenly without any intervene. yours,
  3. Dear sirs, I am running a phpvms simpilot 5.5.2 version, months ago, with php v 5.6.30 everything normal, but now my provider hosing i guess made an update in that php version, the index.php always hows error " This page isn’t working xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.com is currently unable to handle this request. HTTP ERROR 500 " But if i proceed to index.php/login it works perfectly also all functions except when visiting domain.com/index.php Any ideas ? Yours,
  4. Hi Nabeel, I got phpvms Version simpilot 5.5.2 This changes can work on that version mentioned above ? Thanks,
  5. Thank you dear George, You're the one who knows every pieces in my virtual Worked perfectly. Yours,
  6. Hi all, Still no idea about this issue ? Yours,
  7. Hi folks, Very quite simple, while putting my data to login, i select Remember me, unfortunately after couples of minutes, i am dropped out, all the time. Any suggestions ? PHPVMS 5.5.2 Yours,
  8. Hi sir, I saw it before, but doesn't matter for me, since the feature isn't workable from my website, i can gather like those info from other resources. Yours,
  9. Yes, ofc it will not, because the source website is down, check that link page with errors http://api.vacentral.net/index.php/airport/get/OERK
  10. Hi sirs I am facing the same problem, even i am running last version 5.x ! New Hire, doesn't exist in my db ! Any suggestions ?
  11. Hi web541, Thank for your suggestions for the number 1 i got already that version, the 2nd while trying to visiting api.vacentral.net/index.php/airport/get/icao i have many errors on the page. No errors shown while adding airports! Yours,
  12. Thank you, it means Higher can also fly Lower planes right ?
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