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  1. Daniel

    ICAO Codes

    but wont it not show up in the registration & also would it not affect Finances?
  2. ok, will do but as I said everything seems normal Thanks
  3. Daniel

    ICAO Codes

    When adding schedules we don't have the choice of choosing a different ICAO code... As in real airlines the Pilots code would be (e.g. RYR001) the schedule would be (FR1 or FR200) is it possible to do that? Thanks
  4. yep so far... No one has completed a flight yet or registered as it is closed
  5. Hey, When i went into my local.config to add the va central thing i realized that hald of it sio missing and ideas? everything seems fine. here it is... <?php /** * This is the phpVMS Main Configuration File * * This file won't be modified/touched by future versions * of phpVMS, you can change your settings here * * There may also be additional settings in app.config.php * To change it, copy the line into this file here, for the * settings to take effect * */ define('DBASE_USER', 'XXNXX'); define('DBASE_PASS', 'XXXXX'); define('DBASE_NAME', 'XXXXX'); define('DBASE_SERVER', 'localhost'); define('DBASE_TYPE', 'mysql'); define('TABLE_PREFIX', 'phpvms_'); define('SITE_URL', 'x'); # Page encoding options Config::Set('PAGE_ENCODING', 'ISO-8859-1'); # Maintenance mode - this disables the site to non-admins Config::Set('MAINTENANCE_MODE', false); Config::Set('MAINTENANCE_MESSAGE', 'We are currently down for maintenance, please check back soon.'); # See more details about these in the docs Config::Set('PAGE_EXT', '.htm'); # .htm is fine. You can still run PHP Config::Set('PILOTID_OFFSET', 0); # What # to start pilot ID's from Config::Set('PILOTID_LENGTH', 4); # Length of the Pilot ID Config::Set('UNITS', 'nm'); # Your units: nm, mi or km Config::Set('LOAD_FACTOR', '82'); # %age load factor Config::Set('CARGO_UNITS', 'lbs'); # After how long to mark a pilot inactive, in days Config::Set('PILOT_AUTO_RETIRE', true); Config::Set('PILOT_INACTIVE_TIME', 90); # Automatically confirm pilots? Config::Set('PILOT_AUTO_CONFIRM', false); # Automatically calculate ranks? Config::Set('RANKS_AUTOCALCULATE', true); # For how many hours a pilot can edit their submitted PIREP (custom fields only) Config::Set('PIREP_CUSTOM_FIELD_EDIT', '48'); # If someone places a bid, whether to disable that or not Config::Set('DISABLE_SCHED_ON_BID', true); Config::Set('DISABLE_BIDS_ON_BID', false); # If you want to count transfer hours in rank calculations Config::Set('TRANSFER_HOURS_IN_RANKS', false); # The StatsData::UserOnline() function - how many minutes to check Config::Set('USERS_ONLINE_TIME', 20); # Google Map Options Config::Set('MAP_WIDTH', '800px'); Config::Set('MAP_HEIGHT', '600px'); # Valid types are G_NORMAL_MAP, G_SATELLITE_MAP, G_HYBRID_MAP, G_PHYSICAL_MAP Config::Set('MAP_TYPE', 'G_PHYSICAL_MAP'); Config::Set('MAP_LINE_COLOR', '#ff0000'); Config::Set('MAP_CENTER_LAT', '45.484400'); Config::Set('MAP_CENTER_LNG', '-62.334821'); Config::Set('MAP_ZOOM_LEVEL', 12); # ACARS options # Minutes, flights to show on the ACARS # Default is 720 minutes (12 hours) Config::Set('ACARS_LIVE_TIME', 720); Config::Set('ACARS_DEBUG', false); Config::Set('VACENTRAL_ENABLED', true); Config::Set('VACENTRAL_API_SERVER', 'http://api.phpvms.net'); Config::Set('VACENTRAL_API_KEY', 'x'); /* This is the unit of money. For non-dollars, use : Dollars ($), enter "$" Euro ( thats all there is Thanks
  6. Pash Air Virtual - http://www.pashairvirtual.co.uk/index.php
  7. Daniel

    Hub Stats

    Well I don't even know where to start creating modules... all i know is how to call them like <?php echo.....
  8. here you go <th>IVAO</th> <th>Vatsim</th> <td><?php $fieldvalue = PilotData::GetFieldValue($pilot->pilotid, 'IVAO ID'); if($fieldvalue != '') { echo '<center><img src="'.SITE_URL.'/images/yesvat.png" alt="IVAO ID" /></center></a>'; } else { echo '<center><img src="/images/novat.png" width="20" height="18" border="0"/></center></a>'; } ?> </td> <td><?php $fieldvalue = PilotData::GetFieldValue($pilot->pilotid, 'VATSIM ID'); if($fieldvalue != '') { echo '<a href="http://www.vataware.com/pilot.cfm?cid='.$fieldvalue.'" target="_blank"><center><img src="'.SITE_URL.'/images/yesvat.png" alt="Vatsim ID" /></center></a>'; } else { echo '<center><img src="/images/novat.png" width="20" height="18" border="0"/></center></a>'; } ?> <?php } ?></td> Thanks to Mark http://forum.phpvms.net/topic/4098-vatsim-codingagain/
  9. Daniel

    Hub Stats

    I know a couple of other people as well that would like it...
  10. Daniel

    Hub Stats

    Is there something already to show Hub Stats like... Total flights Total hours Total Miles Total Pilots Maybe Total Schedules? Thanks
  11. Ok worked, thanks a lot!!!!
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