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  1. Donshannon , is the same one from SouthEast Virtual ?

  2. As reported back in December 2011, Virtual TWA will be opening soon, well pilots that time is near. With great pride and professionalism, Simpilotgroup is completing the first stages of the website. vTWA should be opening it's doors for Pilot applications on or by January 14, 2012. Anyone wishing to apply for a Staff position with vTWA should contact Wayne B. at ceo@virtualamericanusa.com . Virtual Trans World Airlines
  3. Are you kidding me ? Another VA... oooook
  4. Thanks for the heads up.

  5. You may want to check out your web link !
  6. http://www.virtualamericanusa.com we host all of the American Eagle routes and when you join you have the option of what airlines you wish to join , American Eagle or American Airlines... Happy Holidays !
  7. Seriously, if you don't like it, don't bother reading the post. I was told to place my comments in the correct threads and that is what I have done, not in the Va discussions advertisements !
  8. nope, just making sure that everything is posted in the correct thread ! Happy Holidays...
  9. Congratulations ! Sounds like your Va is on a roll !
  10. Thanks for sharing, maybe this will help those who cant do their own work and keep from using others as their own ! Happy Holidays everyone..
  11. It seems to me then that you are r not looking at every topics then and Only ones that you don't approve of. So I guess that you think it's okay for people to get away with things like that. I disagree, but I'm starting to see that some people don't care about values and respect for others. Happy Holidays !
  12. Who are you referring to as they Tom ?
  13. I'm sure you feel that it's not necessary until it happens to you ! Then lets see just how quiet you are. And yes I do know how to use the PM and email system, but I feel that the public needs to know what is going on. Happy Holidays !
  14. I'm going to respond to this comment, and I'm sure that the thread will get locked, but I'm sick and tired of you playing an innocent person. Not only have you been caught with copyright protected material and either have had an excuse for your actions or even worse, denied your actions. Well lets see how you talk your way out of this one. This link here http://www.virtualamericanusa.com/vaa_vafs/index.php/en/homepage/about-us is my old VAA website before Simpilot built my new site. Now this next link is to Va Financials better known as VAFS http://www.vafinancials.com/newsite/vaprofiles.php
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