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  1. Yes sir, I'm not technologically gifted enough to run them and have attempted to figure it out in the past with no real luck. Have asked a few people to help give me some pointers with it but most do not have the time to teach it, and with everything I've got going on too I understand that and don't have as much time to sit and learn it!
  2. Hello, I'm looking for up to date airline schedules as the company that we had used in the past is no longer around. Please PM me! Thank you.
  3. Affirm, it's installed and everything is structured correctly, just won't populate :/
  4. Weird... It works great on the other side! I don't have error reports off as far as I know, and the only differences is that the beta website runs with the prefix of "beta" while my main one is different. Same setups, and haven't had problems with anything else installing as long as I change the prefix myself! Shouldn't have anything to do with the fact that I use 3 digit ID's on the main, and 4 digit on the beta, right?
  5. Hello, Not sure if anyone hops on here anymore but I can not get the table to populate for my life. My beta website has it working just fine but my main one just will not run it. My website link: Click Here Have the latest version from your Github, have both .tpl and .php files in there just in case, and have made sure all of the .php files reflect the correct table prefix fix as we use a different prefix... Any ideas?
  6. Anyone else having trouble setting their forum avatar on these phpVMS forums? Accidentally deleted mine tonight and was attempting to reset to a new one, and keep getting the message "Failed to set a new photo". Made sure that my picture is larger than 200px, tried both jpeg and png, and meet the file size requirements... Any ideas? Thanks!
  7. Thanks for the help! I hadn't been going through to try and get briefing packets this way, and by you bringing up this way I was able to fix the aircraft codes, update my links one more time, and then finally get it to work again. Thank you! I had coded a dispatch module into the pilot center, and that's how I had been doing that in the past, and not the way that you described by going through the schedules. So, thank you again! For anyone else encountering the issue - MAKE SURE that your aircraft codes match up 100% with what they are in SimBrief. My issue came from having my aircraft entered as 733, 735, 73H, and 738. They needed to be B733, B735, B737, B738. Also, make sure that all of your links are correct and you should be good to go! Thank you for this great module!
  8. Hello, As requested by Baggelis, I am creating this post. I have the SimBrief addon installed and working just fine on my beta web server, tested many times with all of our fleet types and different city pairs. I am recieveing this error that I have seen posted in the forums before via search, but still found that no clear solution had been found. Wanted to see if we could find a solution! Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Exception' with message 'DateTime::__construct() [datetime.--construct]: Failed to parse time string (@) at position 0 (@): Unexpected character' in /home2/wnvirtua/public_html/lib/skins/vWN_3.00/Output.tpl:81 Stack trace: #0 /home2/wnvirtua/public_html/lib/skins/vWN_3.00/Output.tpl(81): DateTime->__construct('@') #1 /home2/wnvirtua/public_html/core/classes/TemplateSet.class.php(255): include('/home2/wnvirtua...') #2 /home2/wnvirtua/public_html/core/classes/TemplateSet.class.php(167): TemplateSet->getTemplate('Output.tpl', false, true, false) #3 /home2/wnvirtua/public_html/core/classes/Template.class.php(81): TemplateSet->showTemplate('Output.tpl') #4 /home2/wnvirtua/public_html/core/modules/Output/Output.php(7): Template::show('Output.tpl') #5 /home2/wnvirtua/public_html/core/classes/MainController.class.php(218): Output->index() #6 /home2/wnvirtua/public_html/index.php(60): MainController::RunAllActions(Array, Array) #7 {main} thrown in /hom e2/wnvir tua/public_html/lib/skins/vWN_3.00/Output.tpl on line 81 I do have it installed and working correctly on my beta web server, and it doesn't work when transferring the files and updating the links from the beta to the main. I did notice that the beta website is running phpVMS v2.1.935 while the main website is running v2.1.936. Does this have anything to do with it? Any tips? Thank you all, and blue skies!
  9. Wow, you all are GREAT! Thank you. I will begin looking through those and see what I can do. I believe I saw in another post that on your GitHub you have kind of updated a few things that may help, too? I'm not very "knowledgeable" with the JS side of things... but I will look into re-ordering them and see what I can work out. Thank you! Awesome, thanks! I tried it with just the maps page so far and no dice, but am looking around some more before asking any more questions. Thank you!
  10. I've been searching around here for the last 16-24 hours for the answers to these issues, but still haven't quite found what I am looking for. I had been building a website on a beta server, and just moved it over to the main one yesterday and we are loving it so far! Unfortunately, I am running into a few errors that I haven't been able to track down and fix... http://wnvirtual.org/index.php/Airports - I can not get any live flights to show up here as they did on v2 of our website. We use SmartCARS so it usually works just fine, but I can not get it to do anything at all but sit there. http://wnvirtual.org/index.php/pireps/view/2216 - Route Map does not show... :/ http://wnvirtual.org/index.php/Screenshots - No clue where to start on this one... Worked fine on the beta website! http://wnvirtual.org/index.php/Airlinemap - Developed by Crazy Creatives, this is THE coolest map out there! It worked fine on web v2, but did not work on the beta website and I thought it may "magically" begin working when uploaded to the main server. I have emailed Crazy Creatives about it too, but figured the information may help solve one or all of the problems above. The map just won't show up at all... I'm thinking it is a javascript error? But not sure where the error is taking place or how to troubleshoot that. I'm usually pretty good at finding what's going wrong and fixing it, but in this case, I'm just lost. Thank you for your help!
  11. Looking for up to date schedules (need to be current as of the past two weeks or so, no year old ones please...) for two airlines. Please PM me if you can do this!
  12. Thanks Rodney, it looks as though it isn't possible I'll figure out a different way. Very nice, KCOS all of the way! I'm not in town, but have seen a lot of bad weather has been moving through CO, stay safe!
  13. Hello, I know Simpilot isn't around much, but I have a question regarding creating a bank of questions for the Exam Center module. I know how to create questions, know how to create questions, and know how to create exams, but is there a way that I can create say like 50 questions in a bank for a certain exam, and have the exam randomly pull 10 from that bank to present to the pilot? Thanks!
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