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How to do dynamic, non-scheduled routes


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Ok, here is my contribution to the community !

I modded the manual pirep a long time ago but charter flights were not interesting anyone else but me...  ;D

So here is the Manual PIREP modified (for beta 803 +)

There are three things important with this :

[*]Create fake routes for charter categories (eg. ABC1 for local flights, ABC2 for Europe, ...), so you can keep track of flight types.

[*]When validating the pirep, please take time to see if the airport has been added correctly in the global airport list.

[*]Never push the re-calculate distances in admin panel !!!

Hope this helps !

EDIT: Just noticed one thing though once you enter a schedule this way you cannot edit it as it will produce an error

PS: Page has been check by Nabeel and I have been using it for 1 year +

So i am using this and i found one way around not being able to recalculate distances. It is a bit crude and is probably an error as it is giving an error message and this may not work forever if it gets fixed in future versions, but if you input in your nonscheduled route with the same arrival and destination airport and everything else to 00:00 and no days selected it will accept it. It has the benefit of being a nonscheduled flight number but also won't show up in the schedule list on the front end, as well you can recalculate distances with out it affecting it. Have tested this in Kacars and manual pireps without any problems so far

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So the flight director and I at Fly-Americava are trying to disable a bunch of routes but they keep showing up in the active and inactive list. How can we make the disabled flights only show up in inactive list?

Also, is there a way to completely delete all the routes and airlines?

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