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Multiple rows for each current flight


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I'm currently experiencing some problems with the 'Live Flight Information' page. When visiting the page, there are two, three and sometimes four of the same flight being displayed on the page.

The weird thing is, I have reset the aCARS Table through phpVMS Admin panel, and have manully emptied the table through phpMyAdmin. When all the currently connected aCARS reconnect to the website, it is doing exactly the same thing again.

When I go and browse the acars data table through phpMyAdmin, there is only one of each flight, as it should be. Here are some screnshots:

aCARs Table in phpMyAdmin:


Live Flight Information page (frontend):


Thanks in advanced, I hope this issue can be solved.


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Are the flights in the database multiple times when thsi happens or just one row as the original poster?

If they are only in the data table one time there must be something in the code that is loading the flights multiple times but I would think if that was the case it would display the same amount for each flight. If they are in the table multiple times I would look at timeout errors for ACARS users and/or the site. Have you enabled error logging to see if there is anything showing up there? How to get debug info -> http://forum.phpvms.net/page/index.html/_/getting-started/debugging-issues-r31

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