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Help with Airline Image On Map(SOLVED)


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I have tried about everything to show the image of the airline on the live map. I am able to show the image on the Departures and arrivals, just not the live map.

The currant code

<img src="<?php echo fileurl('/images/airline/'.$code.'png'); ?>" alt="<?php echo $airline->name;?>" />

This is what it is putting out



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You seem to be missing a dot before the extension:

<img src="<?php echo fileurl('/images/airline/'.$code.'.png'); ?>" alt="<?php echo $airline->name;?>" />

With regards to the value of $code, print it out and see what happens


Still no go


@Vangelis what exactly do you mean? I really have no clue what I am doing here.

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You can try and write for example

echo "This is the  $code";

and if something comes up on your website then the $code is returning a variable

But my question is how do you get the $code like with an sql query is it a result of a function or something else

i think you still have me on skype if not you are free to add me and contact me

best regards

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The Problem is mentioned here


code in Variable in livemap gives you for example VLI454 not the VLI alone so you have to work with substring but more in the linked post above

That is inair image. I am not having that problem. I am trying to display the Airline logo in the table.


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I know it is already solved i just write the answer for the rest if they have the same question

you should put

<img src="<?php echo SITE_URL; ?>/images/airline/<?php echo $pirep->code; ?>.png"><br />

as <%=flight.code%> is a java script variable and we need a php variable to get the pilot's airline code

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