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  1. hurkulez

    PHPVMS 5.5.x Custom Repack

    Hmmmm?I got them off of github...
  2. hurkulez

    PHPVMS 5.5.x Custom Repack

    Its a ready to go Custom skinned PHPVMS. Was just curious if anyone would be interested in it.... Zoom image for Repack details.... You just unpack the zip. Run the mysql bat and the webserver bat and your site is up and running on your local machine.... Complete with custom skin, numerous modules obtained from github, and a complete database...
  3. hurkulez

    Navdata Update

    phpvms_navdata 1902: UPDATED 20 February 2019 | 23:59 Hrs US Central Time | 05:59 Zulu See Original Post Thx everyone for the +Rep. Spreading the love
  4. hurkulez

    PHPVMS 5.5.x Custom Repack

    Modding Unlimited PHPVMS Custom CMS Repack Would anyone be intersted? See PREVIEW See PREVIEW 2 Modding Unlimited PHPVMS Custom CMS Repack PHPVMS Virtual Airline Management CMS Custom Skinned by Modding Unlimited Networks :: Repack Includes :: Abyss Web Server MySql with Database PHPVMS v5.5.1 phpBB5 Forum Custom Skin PHP v5.5 Numerous PHPVMS Modules Auto Pilot Rewards System Request Hub Transfer Airmail System v5.0 Charter Center Random Flights Event Center Tour Center Request LOA Random Jobs Database Includes 37,500+ Airports 31,500+ Routes 150+ Aircraft Navdata Airac Cycle 1902 *Repack is setup to run on localhost Edit some conf/config files and you can run it as a public webserver Edit some images Just run MySQL.bat And run the AbyssWebServer.bat **Connect/Sign in to Website Connect by putting or http://localhost in your browser May have to port forward, port 80 UN: admin@nomail.com PW: admin Sign in to Database: UN: root PW: ascent ***Need addition help with PHPVMS? Google "PHPVMS Setup" Repack Preview @ Flight Unlimited Network The F.U.N. one! I suggested something like this over a year ago. I got tired of waiting for someone to do it. And did it myself... ...
  5. hurkulez

    Help with Airline Image On Map(SOLVED)

    Here is mine <img src="<?php echo SITE_URL; ?>/lib/images/airline_logos/<%=flight.flightcode%>.bmp">
  6. hurkulez

    phpVMS Navdata

    signup, goto downloads, flightsim, 3rd party moddingunlimited.net
  7. hurkulez

    phpVMS Navdata

    phpvms_navdata 1809: UPDATED 6 September 2018 | 01:30 Hrs US Central Time | 06:30 Zulu My PHPVMS Navdata Moved to http://moddingunlimited.net/index.php?topic=124.msg136;topicseen#new
  8. hurkulez

    Weather Map

    Example @ Flight Unlimited Network Virtual The F.U.N. One
  9. hurkulez

    Navdata Update

    phpvms_navdata 1711: UPDATED 12 October 2017 | 16:59 Hrs US Central Time | 21:59 Zulu See Original Post
  10. hurkulez

    Navdata Update

    phpvms_navdata 1706: UPDATED 17 June 2017 | 16:52 Hrs US Central Time | 21:52 Zulu See Original Post
  11. hurkulez

    VA Webhosting.

    FLIGHT UNLIMITED NETWORK Virtual Airline Web Hosting: $10.00 - 3 Months $15.00 - 6 Months $20.00 - Year INCLUDES: Free Sub Domain PhpVms Base Skin Current NavData Unlimited Emails Unlimited Band Width Unlimited Storage Unlimited Data ALL SITES NOW INCLUDE AUTO AWARDS Available Demo Sites AAL ACA AFV ASA BAW DAL FUN SOLD JVA SOLD PAN SOLD PRO SOLD SWA UAL
  12. hurkulez

    Navdata Update

    phpvms_navdata 1610: UPDATED 15 September 2016 | 07:17 Hrs US Central Time | 12:17 Zulu See Original Post
  13. hurkulez

    Navdata Update

    Link is down do to server host issues.... If you see my signature, site is back up.....
  14. hurkulez


    phpvms_navdata 1609: UPDATED 18 August 2016 | 06:58 Hrs US Central Time | 11:58 Zulu See Original Post
  15. hurkulez

    phpvms_navdata updated from Airac 1307 =)

    phpvms_navdata 1609: UPDATED 18 August 2016 | 06:58 Hrs US Central Time | 11:58 Zulu See Original Post