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  1. this is something I am working on CPC900 can you share your schedule_boarding_pass.tpl or php with me? thanks in advance, Thomas
  2. sorry route map works perfectly well if flown with an acars tracking client just forgot that my last was fspassenger flight
  3. I am lost with base_map.js how should it look like to work with fivedev server what do have to change? PS: http://www.flyeurope-va.org/index.php/acars works already route map does not all white out thanks in advance, Thomas
  4. that module is not there because it was released as a payware module if I am remember it right!?
  5. what would be the right multiplicator for a 1hour 15 fuelreserve?
  6. No error warning but for some reason I can not fill in anything it appear like a static screenshot any idea? PS: found the error! seems that I have not enough sleep otherwise I would recognized the missing closing div earlier anyway is there a way to limit to only the enabled fleet aircraft? I have also added a new dropdown option that Pilot can select AIRAC Cycle used for flightplan
  7. Parkho, how do you get it to recognize the Aircraft used in flight? I get following in all my FSPAX PIREPS Aircraft: () which is quite anoying for our PIREP officer So my question is how can I make it possible that it will fill in the correct aircraft and registration for the flight when sending with FSPAX? probably some IF statements in sending method? we also using other PIREP systems (kACARS, fsacars, etc)
  8. here is my ACARS inair size Test VOLAITALIA: B1900D A318 A320 A321 A380 MD80 B747-400 AZZURA ITALIA: DH8C Minerva Cargo and CargoOPS : B737-300F C-27J Spartan
  9. what size would you suggest for Cessna 150 B1900D Dash8 Q400 MD80 Embraer 170 Saab 340 Shorts 330 A318-A380 B737- B787 C27J Spartan as I want them to be not all the same and in way that should reflect the real size of the aircraft any ideas are welcome
  10. icon: url+"/lib/images/inair/"+data[i].flightnum.substring(0,3)+"/"+data[i].heading+".png", I have a strange question is it possible to force the js to go into another folder I am interested in something like Airline/ used aircraft type / heading image according to the aircraft used on flight? ok now it works: icon: url+"/lib/images/inair/"+data[i].flightnum.substring(0,3)+"/"+data[i].aircraftname+"/"+data[i].heading+".png",
  11. Hi ALL, After reading a tutorial on creating flags I gave myself a try and the result became a complete replacement of the default phpVMS flags which I use on pilots page and on my airport list image is attached! and if you like to see more flags that are not shown on attached preview image you can do it LIVE on my Airport Info Page comments are more than welcome as I am not on Github so I have uploaded it to my VA's page http://www.flyeurope...ter/category/18
  12. I am thinking of giving up that domain and switch to a host indended for phpvms like crazycreative or fivedev
  13. Strict Standards: Accessing static property Login::$post as non static in /home/simaerobatic/htdocs/alliance/core/classes/CodonModule.class.php on line 67 Strict Standards: Accessing static property Login::$get as non static in /home/simaerobatic/htdocs/alliance/core/classes/CodonModule.class.php on line 68 Strict Standards: Accessing static property Login::$controller as non static in /home/simaerobatic/htdocs/alliance/core/classes/CodonModule.class.php on line 70 Strict Standards: Accessing static property Login::$activeModule as non static in /home/simaerobatic/htdocs/alliance/core/class
  14. looks nice I am maybe wrong but I think a post in Paid Services would be better to avoid confusion?
  15. two Problems when using this Module it does not sent PIREP to Vacentral second is that it is not compatible with any custom reward system like Simpilots Pilot Rewards or Crazycreatives Premium Miles if it would work with these Reward Systems it would be Great
  16. should it look that way? it seems the that the updated version on github lost all formating
  17. personally never had this error @vbegin7 can you give a little bit more information on your phpvms setup? for example: are you on a paid or a freehosting service? PS: Simpilot, I have another question is it there a way to show the Average landing rate and points in addition to the rank?
  18. think the one you forgot was: http://www.flyeurova.com
  19. Tim penalizing anything under -50ft/ft per min can be very problematic as some VA's have helicopter divisions and it is quite easy with a helicopter to be under that limit and also with STOL & VTOL Aircraft that will problematic best regards, Thomas
  20. 1 - Do I penalize anything less than 120 ft/min and anything over 600 ft/min? 2 - How do I apply a value to the landings between 120 and 180 which are considered “typical†by the FAA? 3 – What is the lowest acceptable landing rate without the landing being considered “unsafe†and a higher penalty being assessed? 4 – Do I penalize a va not submitting landing rates? 5 - This FAA information is for transport category aircraft, do I apply different parameters to GA? Good Points
  21. hi all I reported back to David and asked if we can show the greased landings from landing rates onwards that complies more to safety operations rules think there will be a solution for this
  22. I like that feature but I think pilots with -1ft/min as seen on greased landings on frontpage seems quite strange and pervert the system a bit for example I land with -80ft/min up to 150ft/min normally and that are my better landings
  23. My VA is currently matching with other VA's around Rank 120-123 PS: since yesterday my VA (VolaItalia Airways) all of a sudden stops from showing up on live flights not changed a thing in phpVMS configs compared to day before where all flights showing up live flights and map how the should I tried with all known free ACARS systems no luck! but the day before I tested APVacars the next day I discovered that my VA stops showing up on Live Flights doesn't know if that is connected with the problem David, I already sent you an email about that problem best regards and thanks, Thomas
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