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Real Booking System Preview


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Dear All,

On behalf of the PHP-Mods Team, i am glad to announce you the preview of our next payware module for phpVMS. Some of you have already requested something like this and we decided to develop that in order to fit your needs. That is a Real Booking System. Here you can find some preview screenshots of the system in action.

How it works?

Each pilot has a specific location which is based either on his last pirep or on the last jumpseat ticket he purchased or on his hub if he has not purchased any jumpseat ticket or flown any flights. He is able to fly only from his location or alternatively purchase a jumpseat ticket. If there are not any available schedules on his current location, he is entitled to get a free jumpseat ticket otherwise the price is based on your settings. Via the administration panel of the module, you are able to select a specific cost per nautical mile. Pilots and aircrafts can also be transfered via the administration panel.

Example 1: The pilot is now located in LGAV and there are available schedules and aircrafts from LGAV (he is not stranded). Via the admin center, you have set the cost to 0.3€ per nautical mile. If he wishes to purchase a jumpseat ticket to LGTS, he will pay 49€. That is because the distance from LGAV to LGTS is 161nm X 0.3€ = 49€. If there are not any available schedules or aircrafts on his current location, the jumpseat ticket will be FREE.

As an administrator, you will be able to select if you are going to limit the aircraft positions or not. Limiting the aircraft positions makes your system more restrictive but this option is available too. Based on the default phpVMS structure, you are able to select only one aircraft per schedule. This means that if the aircraft of a schedule is not in the correct position, the schedule will not be available to the pilot.

Example 2: You have added a new schedule from LGAV to LGTS and you have selected B737 SX-GRA as an aircraft for the schedule. If you have enabled the aircraft positioning system and the B737 SX-GRA is not located in LGAV, the schedule from LGAV to LGTS will not be available.

It is required to create a looping system of routes if you are limiting the aircraft positions. It means that each aircraft must return to the airfield it started. This loop can have as many legs as you want. If you do not create a loop, the aircraft will become stranded and in some cases the pilot which flies it too. If a pilot becomes stranded, he will be able to get a jumpseat ticket for free but the aircraft will remain stranded until you transfer it from the admin center. Via the administration panel you are able to see an aircraft listing and check which aircrafts are stranded. As an administrator, you can move them to an airport which has available schedules for that aircraft.

Example 3: You have added on your system an A320 with registration SX-ETH. After that, you have added these schedules which are being flown by this aircraft: LGAV - LGTS and LGTS - LGKR. If the SX-ETH is located in LGAV, a pilot who is located in LGAV can get this aircraft and fly from LGAV to LGTS. After that, he is able to fly from LGTS to LGKR. When he will reach LGKR, the aircraft will become stranded because there are not any available schedules for that aircraft from LGKR. If there are not any other aircrafts and schedules in LGKR, the pilot will become stranded too but that is not a big problem because he will be able to get a free jumpseat ticket. The SX-ETH will become available again (not stranded) when you move it to LGAV or LGTS.

I would be really happy to listen your reviews and suggestions. We are really close to the release as the module is on its final stage of development.

Best Regards,

Servetas George


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I do really understand your awareness. I ensure you that there are a lot of differences between this and David's module. The name will be changed if you have so big problem with it. If i am not mistaken, currently there is only one available module for that operation which is David's and has been "deprecated". Some of the phpVMS users might want to use a FREE "deprecated" system and some of them a different PAYWARE one which offers and will offer more options. ;)

David, i can send you the module files as soon as everything is ready if you believe that i have copied any part of code.

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My only point is that it looks like an extension of what is already built when you are looking in from the outside, it doesn't help any when you name it the same thing. I do not care if you use the code as a base, after all you did the same thing after asking me about the exam center code to build your pilot academy, just at least name it something else.

On another note, good luck with the module, everyone has a different idea how this should work. I stopped working on it once I realized that there was going to be no way that it could satisfy even a small portion of the users wanting it. That is why it is marked "deprecated" as you point out. I went on to custom build the feature for each client.

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