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Airline Logo on Schedules List


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Go to /lib/skins/*your skin*/schedule_search.php
And add this after <div class="row"> (This is for FireCrew3)

<p align="center"><img src="location of your logo" width="200px"></p>

I know it's a bit messy but it's the easiest way without editing css

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1. Add the logo image (png preferred) of your airline(s) to "/lib/images/airlines/"

2. As mentioned by artem, Go to /lib/skins/*your skin*/schedules_results.php and paste the code inside the "foreach" loop. 

<?php $logo = SITE_URL."/lib/images/airline/".$route->code.".png"; ?>
<img src="<?php echo $logo; ?>" style="height: 70px; width: auto;" />

3. [IF YOU ARE NOT USING A CUSTOM SKIN] Go to core/templates and find schedules_results.php and do the same as mentioned in step 2. 

P.S You can adjust the size of the image to your preference. 

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