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  1. MC1028

    Forum Compromised

  2. MC1028

    How to install phpVMS (16 Steps)

    I believe this is a problem with your PHP version, download Sim Pilot's 5.5 php version of phpvms
  3. MC1028

    Failer with Template CrazyCreatives

    Hi LH154, This could be because you are using PHP 5, change the extension from .tpl to .php and see if that works, if it does, do it for all files in the template. Regards, Myles.
  4. MC1028

    Admin Dashboard as Pilot Dashboard

    Yeah I have in the past. Pretty easy actually. Just as simple as porting a skin over. Then it's just customization
  5. MC1028

    [SOLVED] Problem with installing phpvms

    Whats the URL?
  6. MC1028

    VirtualChannex - Jet2!

    Interesting right @CapitalConnectVirtualGroup - this airline's va's got saturated very quickly.
  7. MC1028

    Schedule Pull API

    Don't take this the wrong way, its meant to be a testing question, why should i buy the schedules from you instead of say Zumeweb?
  8. MC1028

    [FREE] Destinations Module

    Is there any plans to make a pro version of this? That'd be awesome
  9. MC1028

    DB Fatal Error

    delete localconfig.php in core folder
  10. MC1028

    Need a good and full-customizable ACARS

    Yeah you could do that. Alternatively, i'm pretty sure Vangelis does it as well.
  11. MC1028

    Need a good and full-customizable ACARS

    You could probably hire someone outside of phpVMS, but it will cost a lot of money.
  12. MC1028

    Errors. Errors Everywhere.

  13. MC1028

    after Change pws dont work phpvms

    Go to localconfig.php in core and open it and change the password in there to what it is now.
  14. MC1028

    Can Search Airports

    Goto core/localconfig.php - goto app config, copy the bit in app config where it says you can either select phpvms or geo(something) and then copy and paste that into local config at bottom, and replace geo(something) with phpvms in the "". Sorry about it being vague, didn't have the file on hand.