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We cannot log in, was working ok and now - every time you enter the login info and password it just loops back to login screen, no error message.

Strange thing is that you can make a flight logging in with smartCARS. I created a charter and flew it, the data was showing on vaCentral and when the PIREP was filed. VA central showed the flight. Checked the DB and the flight was there also.

Just cannot login either as a pilot or Admin.

UPDATE: ISP had done an update on the server. They had to do a restore of the complete server to correct the issue.

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No changes were made - Waiting to hear from ISP we had them increase php mem to 256 and in checking I think they may have changed the temp file locations. What is strange is that a pilot can make a flight w an ACARS and it is being recorded. shows up under recent flights, in vacentral and in the DB.

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My guess something has changed, maybe not something you did directly to the application but maybe server side. I find it odd that there is no error message or anything returned when you try to login. Looking at the headers after a failed login I can see the post elements are getting there but nothing on the return. I also question why it is closing the connection in the response, it should be keep-alive.


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