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Updated Forum - Android issue


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Like the updated look! I'd guess it includes an update of the forum software too - and better security. Thanks to David and the rest of the team for all you do!

I about had a heart attack the other day when the forums were down. I'm in the middle of an upgrade to 5.5.2 from 2.x and will probably be in need of assistance shortly. 

One issue I had with the old forum which continues into this one - on my Android tablet the forum redirects to: br-update.com/u/4182 . IIRC, someone else has reported this issue also. All works fine in Win7 with IE11 and Chrome. Also no issues with iPhone access. The issue seems related only to Android.

Are others on Android experiencing this issue also? Anyone able to rectify it?

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Yeah from the main website if I click the forum link from my android I get sent to a phishing scheme or something. I would screenshot it but I don't feel like clicking the link with my phone again. I go right to the fums and bypass the site now on my cellphone.



Actually, I will get on Bluestacks on my PC and use chrome to visit the site and see if I get the android redirect. if so I will screenshot it.


Ok I did get it to work on bluestacks. I was not taken to the scammer phishing scheme link this time. I was directed to the update page as was suggested by the OP.


This is a result of clicking the Forum link from the main site phpVMS.net on android.

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