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vFleetTracker wrong position


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Hello Guys, 

we got some problems with the map. It's not updating. 

A/C "xy" is already at EDDF and also written in the list in EDDF but on the Map still displayed at CYYZ.

This is our sql Query in vFleetTrackData.class:


    public static function getAllLastLocation()
        return DB::get_results("SELECT flight.*, UNIX_TIMESTAMP(flight.submitdate) as submitdate,
                       dep.name as depname, dep.lat AS deplat, dep.lng AS deplng,
                       arr.name as arrname, arr.lat AS arrlat, arr.lng AS arrlng,
                       ac.icao AS acicao, ac.name AS acname, ac.fullname AS acfullname,
                       ac.registration AS acregistration
                FROM (SELECT * FROM phpvms_pireps ORDER BY submitdate DESC) AS flight
                LEFT JOIN phpvms_aircraft AS ac ON ac.id = flight.aircraft
                LEFT JOIN phpvms_airports AS dep ON dep.icao = flight.depicao
                LEFT JOIN phpvms_airports AS arr ON arr.icao = flight.arricao
                GROUP BY flight.aircraft
                ORDER BY submitdate DESC");



Any help is highly appreciated.


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