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  1. Thomasha

    Aviation Weather V1.0

    Hi Parkho! first thanks for these wunderful addon. Is there a chance to convert the full skycondition in text? Currently only the first 2 are written and the 3rd one is missing. i.E.: FEW050 SCT070 BKN080 ->FEW Clouds At 5000 Feet / SCT Clouds At 7000 Feet -----> means "BKN 8000 is missing Another questions is if there is any posibillity to show the BARO in HPA iso. Hg Thanks in advance for your answer. BRGDS
  2. Thomasha

    Admin Route Maps

    script type="text/javascript" src="https://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/js?key=MY-API-KEY"></script> Maybe stupid Question... Is your code as above or have you entered the API code instead of the red marked script???
  3. Thomasha

    Admin Route Maps

    Hi! it seems google API are missing...
  4. Thomasha

    TouchdownStats 1.0

    Hello Guys, I want to show the top 10 average of our VA... Any idea?
  5. Thomasha

    Disable Pilot Registration

    Hi, thanks for your reply. 1. Yes to count the total Pilots we use: <?php echo StatsData::PilotCount(); ?> 2. Something in this direction I've also thought, unfortunately I havn't yet managed to implement it. If you can send me your code it would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance :-)
  6. Thomasha

    Disable Pilot Registration

    Hi Servetas, we want to count the total Pilots in our Database :-) And.. if its possible... insted of disable the registration when the maximum is reached, just forward the person to a site which says ("sorry our VA is currently full...........") Thanks for your support
  7. Thomasha

    Disable Pilot Registration

    Hello Guys, I need your help. We would like to disable the Pilot Registration Site if i.E. 300 Pilots are in our VA. When we delete a Pilot and came so bellow 300 again it should be enabled again. Here a snipout of our Website to show the Registration: <li class="b-top-nav__2level_title f-top-nav__2level_title">Register</li> <li class="b-top-nav__2level f-top-nav__2level f-primary"><a href="<?php echo SITE_URL?>/index.php/registration"><i class="fa fa-angle-right"></i>Register</a></li> Thanks in advance for your help! :-)
  8. Thomasha

    [SOLVED] Google Maps on phpVMS not working

    Have you put in your google api's?
  9. Thomasha

    Top 10 Routes not working

    Yes we got Schedules but I crosschecked it with our pireps Database and its not counting correct. Schedules view: exported Pirep List for Flight AUA301 :
  10. Thomasha

    Top 10 Routes not working

    Do you mean this? Modules: StatsData.class
  11. Thomasha

    Top 10 Routes not working

    Hello servetas thanks for your quick reply. I added the line as requested. Here the result.
  12. Thomasha

    Top 10 Routes not working

    Hello Guys in the standart report page(admin/templates/reports_main) the last topic should be the Top 10 of the most Flown Route. Unfortunately on our Site this is not displayed. All other reports works fine but for this even the Headline is missing... Here a snipout of our reports_main file. As written above nothing is displayed: Thanks in advance for your help. BRGDS Thomas
  13. Thomasha

    vFleetTracker wrong position

    Hello servetas, sorry for the late response. No. We also tryed to redownload the complete module but without success.
  14. Thomasha

    vFleetTracker wrong position

    Hello Guys, we got some problems with the map. It's not updating. A/C "xy" is already at EDDF and also written in the list in EDDF but on the Map still displayed at CYYZ. This is our sql Query in vFleetTrackData.class: ************************************************************************************************************************* public static function getAllLastLocation() { return DB::get_results("SELECT flight.*, UNIX_TIMESTAMP(flight.submitdate) as submitdate, dep.name as depname, dep.lat AS deplat, dep.lng AS deplng, arr.name as arrname, arr.lat AS arrlat, arr.lng AS arrlng, ac.icao AS acicao, ac.name AS acname, ac.fullname AS acfullname, ac.registration AS acregistration FROM (SELECT * FROM phpvms_pireps ORDER BY submitdate DESC) AS flight LEFT JOIN phpvms_aircraft AS ac ON ac.id = flight.aircraft LEFT JOIN phpvms_airports AS dep ON dep.icao = flight.depicao LEFT JOIN phpvms_airports AS arr ON arr.icao = flight.arricao GROUP BY flight.aircraft ORDER BY submitdate DESC"); ************************************************************************************************************************* Any help is highly appreciated. Thanks