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  1. PHP-Version: 5.6.37-1+ubuntu16.04.1+deb.sury.org MySQL: Server-Version: 5.7.23-0ubuntu0.16.04.1 I don't know the version with "status" in the table. What does this status show? Is this file anywhere for download? The Hub entry was inserted by ourself. When the pilot is sending the loa its copied out of Auth::$userinfo and entered in this table so that it can be displayed in the loa admin
  2. We are still on Version 2.1.v2.1.935. This module is working since years for us. If you refer to the "hub"... i added this manualy to the database. I also cross checked the installer file with our actual table and they are all correct. We now also saw that the "delete" function also don't works anymore 😞
  3. Hello Guys, does the feature which checks if the pilot has already submitted an loa works for you? For us it didn't but i don't know why... Here our files. Many thanks in advance for your help. BRGDS Thomas ***********************************************************************************************************************************************
  4. Hi, i tried, but it didn't work at first. Nothing was shown in the mail. When i changed this -> $comment = ScreenshotsData::getLatestComment($ss_id); to that $comment = ScreenshotsData::getLatestComment($id); it returns the comment but not the last one. If there are 2 comments bellow the picture the first(older) one is displayed. Therefore i changed this public static function getLatestComment($ss_id) { $sql = "SELECT * FROM ".TABLE_PREFIX."screenshots_comments WHERE ss_id='$ss_id' ORDER BY ss_id DESC LIMIT 1"; return DB::get_row($sql); } to that public static function getLatestComment($ss_id) { $sql = "SELECT * FROM ".TABLE_PREFIX."screenshots_comments WHERE ss_id='$ss_id' ORDER BY id DESC LIMIT 1"; return DB::get_row($sql); } Now everything works fine ! ***************************************************************************************************************************************************** I also received an idea from @web541 . Entering this into the Screenshots.php everything worked fine without changes in the ScreenshotsData.class $comment = ScreenshotsData::get_comments($id); $comment = end($comment); Many thanks to both of you for your great help. 😍 😃
  5. OK thanks for Info. Will do so. He is welcome to fly again with us so no need to block him out 😉
  6. ok thanks for Info. So i will set him only to inactive... for saftey reason 😉
  7. Yes I have access & already thought about it. I just was afraid of this because i tought it must be a reason why the delete & change password button is not available. Maybe there is somewhere standing this pilot is "number 1" and deleting this pilot would crash the system...
  8. Hello Guys, we just wanted to delete a Pilot but the "Pilot options" site stays blank at him. This pilot was the previous admin of our VA but he is not in our VA anymore for some years as acitve Pilot. He has no goups assigned to his account anymore. Do I need to change something in the phpvms so that i can delete him? Thanks in advance
  9. Hi @servetas one further Question... when sending the Pilot the mail that his screenshot was rejected i would like to send him the reason aswell. The Reason is inserted as comment to the screenshot before rejection. I tried with this code but no comment is displayed in the Mail? $comment = ScreenshotsData::get_comments($ss_id); $message = "Dear $pilot->firstname $pilot->lastname," ."<br> unfortunately your screenshot has been rejected." ."<br> Reason: $comment->comment" Thanks in advance for your help.
  10. Thanks, everything working fine now. BRGDS
  11. Is there any chance that a pilot gets a notification when its screenshot was approved/rejected without airmail? Thanks in advnce
  12. Yes it was the failure you described :-) Deleting and searching afterwards can't work. Changed the order and it works perfect. Thank you so much for your help. BRGDS Thomas
  13. Thanks for your quick answer. Tested it but it don't works. 😞 Just for confirmation... with your code i only need to chage the PIREPAdmin.php file?
  14. Thanks for your answer, I tried it but it don't worked: In the log there stands only: "Deleted a comment to PIREP #:" Here the inserted code: public function deletecomment() { if (!isset($this->post)) { return; } PIREPData::deleteComment($this->post->id); $commentid = DB::escape($this->post->id); $pirep = "SELECT * FROM ".TABLE_PREFIX."pirepcomments WHERE `id` = '$commentid'"; LogData::addLog(Auth::$userinfo->pilotid, 'Deleted a comment to PIREP #: '.$pirep->pirepid); $this->set('message', 'Comment deleted!'); $this->render('core_success.tpl'); }
  15. Yes correct, I mean the admin log. Sorry for not being clear. Your proposal was also my first try but unfortunately I haven't been able to implement it.
  16. Hello Guys, when a comment is deleted from a pirep there is only "Deleted a comment" written in the Log. Is there a chance that (like when a pirep comment is added) there is also written the pirep number from which the comment was delete? I tried with "LogData::addLog(Auth::$userinfo->pilotid, 'Deleted a comment' . $pirepid);" but without success. Thanks in advance for your help. BRGDS Thomas
  17. Hi Vangelis. The real dep time is always 07:00local. That means in the wintertimetable we must enter it as 06:00UTC and in summer as 05:00UTC. Thats why I asked if there is an way to change the times via sql :-)
  18. Hi ProAvia, thanks for your answer. In our case the departure time in local stays the same. i.E. DEP EDDF is always 07:00 loc which means in summer 05:00UTC and winter 06:00UTC
  19. Hello Guys, we in our Airline got our complete schedule in utc time. At the end of the Month we are switching to the "wintertime" and so we must reschedule all Flights. Is there an way that we can change all Flights in mysql to be set deptime -1 Hour ??? Thanks in advance for your help. BRGDS
  20. Hi Parkho! first thanks for these wunderful addon. Is there a chance to convert the full skycondition in text? Currently only the first 2 are written and the 3rd one is missing. i.E.: FEW050 SCT070 BKN080 ->FEW Clouds At 5000 Feet / SCT Clouds At 7000 Feet -----> means "BKN 8000 is missing Another questions is if there is any posibillity to show the BARO in HPA iso. Hg Thanks in advance for your answer. BRGDS
  21. script type="text/javascript" src="https://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/js?key=MY-API-KEY"></script> Maybe stupid Question... Is your code as above or have you entered the API code instead of the red marked script???
  22. Hi! it seems google API are missing...
  23. Hello Guys, I want to show the top 10 average of our VA... Any idea?
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