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Greetings everyone,

I was curious to know if there is an option to buy a pre-built website with Phpvms installed already and most of the required add-ons, i have no idea how to build using code! i currently use the VAFS setup but really interested in switching to this. let me know if this option exists or who to contact to have one built. 


thanks guys 


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I am a little late to this post and I REALLY hate to necropost, but I have to.

Never use free hosting with phpVMS. It has never worked good in the past and creates a firestorm of support requests and the end result is usually someone saying, "phpVMS does not work with free hosting". So you end right back up at square 1. 

There are plenty of hosts out there that offer smaller packages that you can pay once per year or however they may be. I would say if someone cannot afford 35 or 40 $ a year to host a website, well ....... You might need to rethink your plans. Remember, most people do not plan to fail, they fail to plan.

Take care!

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