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Updated to V2 but Admin shows 2.1.938

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Don't worry about that, in fact that was dated I think back in, hek, not sure.... years ago, that lives in the Admin folders if I remember correctly, been a long time since I've see that one, LOL, long story short, the phrases change everytime the page refreshes, LOL, wow, LTNS. As long as your site is running smoothly your ok, those little phrases were put there I think when someone was a little to........................, well feeling good lol.

Gotta link, ???? I can tell you in 1 min., what your running.

Jim L.

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6 hours ago, Heritage1 said:

Don't worry about that

No, you DO need to worry about that.

You may have not uploaded all the files that you needed to. The version in the footer isn't directly written - instead, it is echoed as follows:

Version <?php echo PHPVMS_VERSION; ?>

So there are at least parts of your system that thinks it is still on 2.1.936.

How did you go about moving over to v2? It is important as there are differences in the DB itself which need to be addressed.



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Yeh, I was curious Pete about that also, interesting, and thanks Pete for reminding me about the DB, forgot to mention one of the most important things, ooops, lol.


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Ok thanks,  just wondered about the footer version that was showing. I just updated via the normal update procedure, nothing special. I only have a few things broken, we have tested for a week and just about everything seems to work fine.

My site is http://braniffvirtual.org/index.php

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