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phpvms 7 latest release installation error


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I’ve cloned the last version yesterday night, installed it and all seems to work properly 2 things:

1) when i login or i navigate to the pilot dashboard, it hangs for 30 seconds and then gives me a timeout error in guzzy http class (or how its name is, i don’t have logs now) in curlhttp adapter and doesn’t load the page at all.

2) when i navigate the site with my phone or iPad the navigation menu button in the titlebar doesn’t work.

anyway great job with this project!!!

P.S.: My setup is nginx 1.4, php 7.2.5, mariadb 10.3, redis 3.2, latest versions of composer and apcu, all on Windows 10 pro 64 bit (but i had the same issues in apache 2.4 without redis and apcu).

thx in advance for any help.

EDIT: this is the error i have in phpvms logs:

 (Symfony\\Component\\Debug\\Exception\\FatalErrorException(code: 1): Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded at C:\
#0 {main}

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I'll fix that timeout issue and shorten it to about a second. It's trying to access METAR data for the airport you're at. Do you know what the ICAO is? Can your server reach out to other sites? The URL it's trying to get to is:


The nav button where - admin or frontend?

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I found the solution for this problem, it's related to the SSL connection so i've changed this in app/Services/Metar/AviationWeather.php:


        $res = Http::get($url, []);

        $res = Http::get($url, ['verify' => false]);

Now works flawlessly.

I have still a couple of questions:

1) I didn't find how to change the default centering location of the live map.

2) I didn't manage to make the "Lookup" link in the administration->add airport panel work, but i've seen that on demo application it works perfectly.

Anyway i've made some little tweaks on the app and i'm working on the translation, but i don't know how to contribute my work when it'll be finished cause i'm not so familiar with git...


If you want to take a look at my work you can go on http://www.piemontevirtualairlines.tk. It's still a WiP but i'm doing my best to finish it asap.


Best regards.

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I wouldn't disable the SSL verification, though maybe for this it doesn't matter.  Maybe I can add a setting for it. The airport lookup is also over SSL... I'd figure out why your server has a problem with verifying SSL.

In terms of centering, that is on the list of things to be done.

For translations, the only way is pull requests via git. Fork it, create a new branch and then create a pull request.

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4 hours ago, LordWilbur said:

I don't know how to fork and pull but i'll google for it... by now the translation of the frontend is 75% done, i'll try to fork and pull when i finish the frontend, then i'll start the admin panel...

Translation to what language? Or do you mean moving the language string out from the templates and into the translation files? I had a specific way of doing those so if you can show me what you're doing, I can give you feedback. I wouldn't want you to get through it entirely but it be done in a way that isn't optimal. Also I'd definitely need a pull request for that.

Thanks for helping, though! Much appreciated. We can work to get it all merged in.

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I'm using json files for the translation (with pluralization too). I used them cause i think it's easier for users to understand what are they translating and where that specific text will appear on the site.

For instance:

json file

"Airport": "Aeroporto|Aeroporti",

"No Flight Found": "Nessun Volo Trovato"

in php blade template:

{{ __('No Flight Found') }}

{{ __trans_choice('Airport', 1) }} or {{ __trans_choice('Airport', 2) }}

I'm translating the frontend (almost done) in italian.

I also fixed a couple of errors and tweaked a bit but i'll tell you all when i've finished all the frontend thing...

After the frontend and admin panel are done we must find a way to translate the database content (I'm still trying to figure it out)...

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