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I'm planning to make a mobile version of my VA. I have a background of programming but im not sure where to start using phpvms especially PHP. I know android uses java and im familiar with that but do i have to have use php and connect it to the server and get everything similar to the PHPVMS php? Hope to get help from experience developer to share!

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A mobile-friendly skin is probably the best way to do. However, the next phpvms version has a REST API built-in so creating an app or whatever should be much easier. Legacy doesn't have an API and that's something you'd need to build.

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I am working on a full fledged Android app that can be used to bid/cancel flights, generate briefings, view live flights, chat with members (private & chatroom), view news / NOTAMs. 

I also am creating a separate app for the admin part, to add and edit news, NOTAMs, schedules and accept / reject PIREPs. 

It took alot of effort to actually create something which communicates as a bridge between the Android app and the phpvms server. 

I'm planning to make a free API file which admins can add to their server, with which the pilots can just download the app from the play store, login and use it. 

I'm currently looking for feature suggestions and help regarding creating an iOS app for the same. 


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